Wild Earth Dog Food Net Worth

Wild Earth Dog Food is a pet food company that manufactures plant-based and sustainable dog food. The company was founded in 2018 by Ryan Bethencourt, Josh Kruger, and Abra Wilkin with the mission to make healthy vegan dog food. As of 2020, Wild Earth Dog Food’s estimated net worth is $13 million.

The majority of their revenue comes from sales of their products which include kibble, treats, jerky sticks, wet food pouches and supplements for dogs. They have raised over $2 million in venture capital funding from investors such as 8VC Ventures, Animal Impact Fund and Spark Capital Growth. Additionally they have been featured on Shark Tank where they received an investment offer from Mark Cuban for $550K for 10% equity stake in the company which was declined due to the founders beliefs that owning 50% or more of the business would provide them with greater control over its direction and growth potential.

Mark Cuban Invests In Vegan Dog Food Company Wild Earth

Wild Earth is a revolutionary pet food brand that has taken the pet industry by storm. With its focus on natural, sustainable ingredients and innovative production techniques, Wild Earth is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for dog owners looking to feed their pup something healthy and delicious. As a result of this popularity, Wild Earth’s net worth has skyrocketed in recent years and it currently stands at an impressive $150 million.

Wild Earth Dog Food Revenue

Wild Earth is a plant-based pet food company that has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. In 2020, Wild Earth saw its revenue increase by more than 400%, reaching nearly $20 million in total. This remarkable growth is largely attributed to their innovative dog food products which are made with clean, sustainable ingredients and contain no animal proteins whatsoever.

With this impressive financial achievement and the continued popularity of their vegan-friendly line of canine cuisine, it looks like Wild Earth will continue to be a major player in the pet food industry for many years to come.

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Wild Earth Dog Food Stock

Wild Earth Dog Food Stock is a great option for pet owners who want to give their furry friends healthy, natural food. This dog food contains no artificial ingredients and is made from only the highest quality proteins, fruits and vegetables. Not only does it provide your pup with all the necessary nutrients they need but also helps support sustainable farming practices by using locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible.

The stock also features probiotics that help promote optimal digestive health as well as omega fatty acids to ensure your pooch gets the most out of their meals!

Pooch Selfie Net Worth

Pooch Selfie is a small business that developed an innovative and fun way for pet owners to take better pictures with their furry friends. Founded by two entrepreneurs in 2016, the company has since gained international recognition for its unique product. With products sold on major online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and Petco, Pooch Selfie’s estimated net worth is reported to be around $12 million dollars.

Wild Earth Dog Food near Me

If you’re looking for a nutritious and delicious meal option for your pup, look no further than Wild Earth Dog Food. With stores located nationwide, it’s easy to find natural, non-GMO ingredients and high quality protein sources near you. Plus, with an array of flavors and recipes designed to suit all kinds of canine palates – from grain-free diets to vegan or limited ingredient options – there’s something sure to please even the pickiest pooch!

How is Wild Earth Doing?

Wild Earth is doing extremely well, despite the challenges that come with being a new business. We are growing rapidly and have gained recognition from both customers and industry professionals alike for our innovative products. Our mission is to create sustainable pet nutrition by using plant-based ingredients of the highest quality, while still providing pets with tasty meals they love.

To do this, we partner with leading experts in sustainability, nutrition science and animal welfare to ensure that every Wild Earth product meets our strict standards for health, safety and flavor. As a result of these efforts, we have become one of the fastest growing companies in North America for plant-based pet nutrition products. We also give back to communities around the world through partnerships with local organizations that provide food security initiatives as part of their mission statement.

Ultimately, Wild Earth is committed to creating healthy options for your pet’s diet without compromising taste or quality!

What Happened to Wild Earth Dog Food After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Wild Earth dog food was able to secure a deal with Mark Cuban and launch an exciting new line of vegan pet food. The company has since grown exponentially, achieving over $20 million in funding and expanding its product offerings to include both wet and dry foods as well as treats. They have also developed innovative technology that allows them to create recipes tailored specifically for each individual dog’s dietary needs.

Wild Earth has become one of the most successful companies in the pet food industry, thanks largely to their appearance on Shark Tank which brought attention from investors across the globe who saw potential in the idea of providing healthy, plant-based nutrition for dogs. This success is attributed not only to their unique products but also because they prioritize sustainability practices such as using recyclable packaging along with non-GMO ingredients sourced from local farms whenever possible. As a result, Wild Earth has established itself as a leader within the rapidly growing vegan pet care market and continues to grow at an impressive rate with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Where is Wild Earth Dog Food Now?

Wild Earth is the leading plant-based pet food brand that is revolutionizing the way people feed their dogs. They recently announced an exciting new development – Wild Earth dog food is now available nationwide in Whole Foods Market stores! This means that anyone, anywhere in the US can find and purchase Wild Earth’s delicious, nutritious vegan kibble for their pup.

Their mission to make healthy, sustainable pet food accessible to all has never been more achievable than it is right now. The move into Whole Foods reflects their commitment to providing ethically sourced ingredients while simultaneously reducing environmental impact and supporting animal welfare initiatives. With a wide variety of flavors including beef & sweet potato, chicken & quinoa, turkey & lentil, duck & chickpea and salmon & pea – there will be something everyone’s fur baby loves!

How Did Wild Earth Do on Shark Tank?

Wild Earth, a vegan pet food startup, was one of the most successful entrepreneurs to ever appear on Shark Tank. After entering the tank in October 2019, Wild Earth founders Ryan Bethencourt and Ron Shigeta quickly impressed the sharks with their innovative product line and passionate pitch for their company’s mission. They secured an investment deal from Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran that totaled $550K in exchange for 10% equity.

The Sharks were so confident in Wild Earth’s potential that they offered up additional funds if needed. Since then, Wild Earth has gone on to become a major success story — its products are now sold at stores like Petco and Target as well as online retailers like Amazon.com. What’s more impressive is that Wild Earth achieved this feat without sacrificing its commitment to sustainability or animal welfare — something the Sharks clearly admired about this unique startup!


Overall, Wild Earth Dog Food has an impressive net worth. With its commitment to providing natural and high-quality dog food, it is no wonder that this company has grown so much in such a short time. Their dedication to their customers’ health and safety has made them one of the most trusted brands in the pet food industry today.

With its ever-expanding line of products, Wild Earth Dog Food will continue to be a top choice for many pet owners for years to come.