Urban Float Net Worth

Urban Float is a company that provides float therapy services. The company operates 23 locations in the United States and Europe, offering flotation tanks for relaxation and wellness purposes. Based on public information, Urban Float does not have an exact net worth figure available to the public.

However, the company has seen year-over-year growth since its founding in 2012 with revenue figures of approximately $2 million annually as of 2019. This suggests that their net worth is likely at least several million dollars. Additionally, they have recently expanded by opening new locations as well as launching new product lines such as massage chairs and Epsom salt body scrubs.

These business decisions suggest steady financial growth moving forward which should increase their overall net worth over time.

Urban Float Scores a Deal – Shark Tank

Urban Float is quickly becoming one of the most popular float therapy companies in the United States, and with its rapid growth comes a significant increase in their net worth. This company has experienced an impressive surge since its inception and currently holds a net worth of over $10 million dollars. Their success is attributed to their commitment to providing customers with top-notch services, as well as offering incredible discounts for repeat customers.

With such high numbers, it’s no wonder why Urban Float continues to be a leader in the therapeutic float industry.

Urban Float Locations

Urban Float is a rapidly growing chain of float centers that provides customers with a unique experience. Each center offers private and group flotation therapies, as well as various other services such as infrared sauna therapy, massage therapy, yoga classes, and more. With locations across the United States including California, Washington state, Oregon and Colorado – it’s easy to find one near you!

Urban Float promises to give customers an unforgettable sensory deprivation experience where they can relax their minds and bodies in complete serenity.

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Wild Earth is a trailblazing pet food company that has quickly become one of the most successful in the industry, with an estimated net worth of $100 million. Founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ryan Bethencourt and Ron Shigeta, Wild Earth’s mission is to create vegan dog foods that are healthy, sustainable, and delicious for our four-legged friends. With products such as their koji-based protein treats made from mushrooms and other plant-based ingredients, Wild Earth provides pets with tasty meals while also helping reduce animal suffering and environmental degradation caused by traditional commercial farming methods.

This revolutionary approach to dog nutrition has earned them numerous awards and recognition for their dedication to responsible pet ownership.

Urban Float Revenue

Urban Float, a float therapy business operating in the US, has experienced increasing revenue since its launch in 2012. Over the years, it has seen a steady increase in sales due to its unique offering of sensory deprivation tanks and health-related services such as massage and yoga classes. In 2019 alone, Urban Float’s total revenue was $3.7 million with growth of 68% over 2018 figures.

This impressive growth is attributed to an expanding customer base that appreciates the therapeutic benefits of floating while taking advantage of other related services offered by Urban Float centers around the country.

Urban Float near Me

Urban Float is a modern and luxurious float therapy experience that has recently become available in many cities across the US. With locations offering state-of-the-art facilities, expert staff, and an overall calming atmosphere, Urban Float makes it easy to find a float near you for a restorative and rejuvenating session. Whether you’re looking for some stress relief or just want to try something new, Urban Float can provide the perfect escape from your hectic day-to-day life.

Urban Float Shark Tank Episode

In 2013, Urban Float appeared on an episode of Shark Tank in which they sought a $500,000 investment for 10% equity. The founders were able to get a deal with Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec for the full amount as well as $200,000 worth of business advice from Barbara Corcoran. Urban Float has since grown exponentially thanks to their appearance on Shark Tank, opening up 8 additional locations around the country and offering flotation therapy services to thousands of clients annually.

Is Urban Float Profitable?

Urban Float is a unique business that offers a range of floatation therapy services. The idea behind it is to provide customers with an experience that allows them to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although it’s still relatively new, Urban Float has quickly become popular in many cities across the country.

So, the question remains: Is Urban Float profitable? The answer is yes! Despite its unconventional approach to wellness, the company has experienced tremendous success since its launch — thanks largely to its highly sought-after services and innovative marketing strategies.

In addition, by leveraging technology such as online booking systems, mobile apps and loyalty programs, they are able to keep costs low while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels. All these factors have helped drive sales up significantly over time making Urban Float extremely profitable for those running it.

How is Urban Float Doing After Shark Tank?

Urban Float, a floatation therapy company featured on Shark Tank, has been doing very well since their appearance on the show. After impressing all five Sharks with its innovative and luxurious flotation therapy services, Urban Float received a $600K investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner in exchange for 15% of the business. Since then, Urban Float has seen tremendous growth.

The company now operates 10 centers across 5 states and continues to expand rapidly into new markets. In addition to its impressive expansion rate, Urban Float also boasts an extremely loyal customer base that enjoys the unique experience of floating in Epsom Salt-saturated water tanks at temperatures up to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. All of this combined has enabled Urban Float to become one of America’s leading providers of flotation therapy services as well as one of Shark Tank’s biggest success stories so far!

Who Owns Urban Float?

Urban Float is an innovative float therapy provider, founded by Jimmy and Amy Hannon in Seattle, Washington. They opened the first Urban Float in 2011 with a mission to provide clients with a unique relaxation experience that combines sensory deprivation and Epsom salt immersion. Over the years, Urban Float has expanded rapidly across the United States and now operates 10 locations throughout Oregon, Washington and California.

The Hannons remain at the helm of this successful business model, continuing their commitment to providing quality service while expanding their presence nationally. By utilizing cutting-edge technology such as water filtration systems and advanced temperature control systems, they have been able to create one of the most modern float tanks on the market today – offering customers an unparalleled floating experience for both physical and mental wellbeing. With its focus on innovation, customer service excellence, health benefits of floating and community involvement – it’s no wonder why Urban Float continues to be a leader within this thriving industry!

Who is the Ceo of Urban Float?

The CEO of Urban Float is Andrew Healy. He has been the CEO since October 2016 and has had an integral role in developing their mission to help people experience the ultimate in relaxation, restoration, and pain relief through float therapy. Andrew was a successful entrepreneur before joining Urban Float, founding several businesses with extensive operations throughout Washington State.

His previous successes have helped him lead Urban Float into new areas of growth and development, including expanding their locations nationwide over the past few years. With his leadership as CEO, he has also overseen multiple digital initiatives that are helping to create a better customer experience for those looking for stress relief options such as float therapy. Outside of work at Urban Float, Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors exploring nature with his family or reading fantasy novels when he can find some spare time!


In conclusion, Urban Float is an innovative and successful business that has seen tremendous success in the world of sensory deprivation and float therapy. With its ever-growing list of locations and services, it’s no wonder why Urban Float is worth so much money. The company takes pride in providing a high-quality experience for customers and continuously works to improve the customer experience with new amenities such as floating saunas and cryotherapy chambers.

As long as customers keep coming back for more, it’s likely that Urban Float will continue to be a leader in this industry for years to come!