Tailgate N Go Net Worth

Tailgate N Go’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. The company was founded in 2011 by two entrepreneurs, Ryan and Emily Haines, who had a vision of creating a business that offered mobile catering services for outdoor events. Since then, Tailgate N Go has grown into one of the most successful mobile concession businesses in the United States with an impressive fleet of vehicles and experienced staff members.

They have become well known for their signature products such as their famous burgers, wings and fries which are cooked fresh onsite at every event they attend. In addition to catering services, Tailgate N Go also offers rental items such as tables, chairs and tents making them a popular choice among customers looking for a comprehensive solution to their tailgating needs. With years of success under its belt and continued growth predicted in future years, it looks like Tailgate N Go will remain at the top of its game when it comes to providing quality service to customers throughout America.

Tailgate N GO First impressions Review The All in One Kitchen Box (as seen on Shark Tank)

Tailgate N Go is an up-and-coming company that has quickly become a favorite among tailgaters. Founded in 2018, the company specializes in providing top quality grills, smokers and accessories for tailgating enthusiasts. With its innovative designs, high quality materials and attention to detail, Tailgate N Go has earned the respect of serious tailgaters everywhere.

As the company grows and expands its product offering, their net worth continues to increase significantly with each passing year.

Is Tailgate N Go Still in Business

Yes, Tailgate N Go is still in business! They are an online retailer that specializes in providing tailgating accessories and supplies for football fans. Their selection includes tents, coolers, grills, chairs, tables and other must-haves to make your pregame experience enjoyable.

They also offer same-day delivery services so you can get all the gear you need right away!

Tailgate N Go Sales

Tailgate N Go Sales provide an easy, convenient way to purchase items from the comfort of your own vehicle. Customers can choose from a wide range of products including snacks, drinks, and other convenience items. All purchases are made through contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay or Google Pay to ensure a safe shopping experience for both customers and employees.

Tailgate N Go Sales offer an ideal solution for those who want to get their hands on essential items quickly and easily without having to leave their car.

Tailgate N Go Reviews

Tailgate N Go is a great choice for tailgaters who are looking for an easy, convenient way to get the job done. Reviews of this tailgating service have been overwhelmingly positive, with customers praising its helpful staff and ability to customize orders according to their needs. People also appreciate that they can order items online and pick them up at the stadium or event in advance.

Tailgate N Go is truly a one-stop shop for all your tailgating needs!

Tailgate And Go Shark Tank Update

In 2018, entrepreneurs John and Jimmy DiResta appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank to pitch their innovative product Tailgate And Go. The company offers a multi-functional tailgating system that includes a cooler, stereo, cutting board, bottle opener, griddle and more. After securing the deal of two Sharks for $600K in exchange for 20% equity in the business, John and Jimmy have been working hard to bring Tailgate And Go to market.

Recently they announced that their products are now available online through their website as well as at select retailers throughout the US. With this launch they are hoping to revolutionize tailgating experience by providing an easier way to host parties no matter where you go!

Tailgate N Go Price

Tailgate N Go is a revolutionary tailgating experience that allows you to bring your own cooler, food and drinks right to the stadium. It has an easy setup process and comes with a discounted price of $49.99. Tailgate N Go can accommodate up to four people, so it’s perfect for small groups who want to attend the game without worrying about lugging around bulky coolers or leaving their precious items behind in their car.

What is the Revenue of Tailgate And Go?

Tailgate and Go is a unique online delivery platform that offers convenience, efficiency, and affordability when it comes to catering for sporting events. The company has seen impressive growth since its launch in 2015, with revenue estimated at over $20 million in 2020. Tailgate and Go’s revenue model includes subscription fees from customers as well as commissions from venues on orders placed through the platform.

This unique business model enables Tailgate and Go to provide excellent service while generating significant profits for their stakeholders. As the demand for convenient food delivery continues to grow, Tailgate and Go is poised to become one of the most successful companies in this space.

How Many Billionaires are on Shark Tank?

It is estimated that there are currently around eight billionaires who have appeared as Sharks on Shark Tank. These include Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Steve Tisch. Of these Sharks, four of them are self-made billionaires while the remaining four inherited their wealth from family members.

It is remarkable how a show like Shark Tank has managed to bring together some of the wealthiest people in America to invest in small businesses and entrepreneurs with big dreams. As each episode airs we get a glimpse into not only what it takes for an entrepreneur to succeed but also how much money these billionaires have at their disposal. The success stories that come out of this show can be highly motivating for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their own shot at making it big one day!

Did Tailgate N Go Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Tailgate N Go was featured on Shark Tank in 2020, but unfortunately they did not receive a deal. The product is essentially an all-in-one tailgating solution that can be set up and taken down with ease, making it ideal for people who want to take their pregame activities on the go. Unfortunately, none of the sharks were interested in investing in Tailgate N Go.

While Daymond John expressed some interest, he ultimately decided against it due to the lack of marketing potential and focus on a niche market that would limit its appeal. Despite not getting a deal from Shark Tank, Tailgate N Go continues to gain traction among outdoor enthusiasts looking for an easy way to bring their favorite game day activity wherever they go!


In conclusion, Tailgate N Go has established itself as a leader in the tailgating industry. With its innovative products and user-friendly website, Tailgate N Go is sure to continue to expand its net worth and be a trusted source for all of your tailgating needs. Its commitment to customer service and high quality standards make it an ideal partner for anyone looking for unique ways to enjoy their favorite sport or event outdoors.