Super Potty Trainer Net Worth

Super Potty Trainer is an online children’s potty training program created by Chris and Maria Gardner, who have a combined net worth of approximately $2.5 million dollars. This money comes primarily from their successful online business, which has been featured on multiple news outlets such as ABC News and Fox Business. The Gardners have leveraged this success to create Super Potty Trainer, where they provide parents with the tools necessary to quickly and effectively potty train their children in just three days or less.

Additionally, they also offer resources that help maintain long-term potty training success, as well as products that make the process easier for families.

Little #2? | Super Potty Trainer on Shark Tank

The Super Potty Trainer is one of the most popular potty training systems on the market, and it has made its creator a wealthy man. With over ten million units sold worldwide, the system’s inventor has amassed an estimated net worth of $20 million dollars. This success story shows that even simple solutions to common problems can be incredibly profitable if marketed correctly.

Super Potty Trainer Update

The Super Potty Trainer update is a new way to help parents and children tackle toilet training. The program uses an app-based system that works with a sensor placed in the potty or on items of clothing, allowing parents to track their child’s progress as they learn how to use the toilet. With features like reminders, rewards, and interactive games, it makes learning fun for both parent and child.

As well as providing great support during this often challenging process, the Super Potty Trainer update also helps reduce the environmental impact of disposable diapers by cutting down on waste.

Super Potty Trainer Walmart

Super Potty Trainer Walmart is a great resource for parents looking to potty train their children. This product offers a variety of features that make it easy and fun for kids to learn how to use the toilet, including an interactive storybook, multiple reward levels, and non-slip handles. It also comes with helpful tips from real moms on successful potty training techniques.

With Super Potty Trainer Walmart, your child can be well on their way to toilet mastery in no time!

Super Potty Trainer Amazon

The Super Potty Trainer from Amazon is a great tool to help parents teach their children how to use the potty. It includes colorful images and fun activities that can help make toilet training easier and faster. The kit also comes with an instruction booklet, reward stickers, and a special toilet seat adapter so your child can practice on the family’s regular toilet seat.

With its helpful features and convenient portability, the Super Potty Trainer from Amazon is a must-have for any parent looking to successful potty train their little one!

Potty Training on Shark Tank

Potty training was the subject of a Shark Tank episode in which two entrepreneurs pitched their product, Potty Training in a Day. The business owners presented an innovative potty-training program that taught parents how to successfully toilet train their toddlers within 24 hours. The Sharks were impressed by the entrepreneurs’ confidence and enthusiasm and ultimately invested in the company.

The Potty Coach

The Potty Coach is a revolutionary new way to teach your little one how to use the potty. It provides parents with clear step-by-step guidance, helps kids learn in their own time, and breaks down difficult concepts into simple terms that are easy for children to understand. With its fun activities and rewards system, The Potty Coach can make potty training easier and more enjoyable than ever before!

Was Super Potty Trainer Successful?

Yes, Super Potty Trainer was successful in helping young children learn how to use the potty. It’s an effective and easy-to-use program that helps teach kids the basics of using a toilet, including proper hand washing techniques, understanding when it’s time to go and how to sit on the toilet. Parents have been pleased with the results, as their children have learned quickly and effectively with this program.

The system provides rewards for successes along the way which encourages positive behaviors while learning proper potty etiquette. All around it is a great tool for teaching and reinforcing healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

What Happened to Potty Safe After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank in October 2018, Potty Safe had a successful and productive experience. The company received an offer from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for $500,000; however, they ultimately decided not to accept the offer. Although they didn’t make a deal with the Sharks, Potty Safe continued to grow following their appearance on the show.

Afterward, they shifted their focus onto expanding product distribution nationally and internationally through major retail stores such as Walmart and Home Depot. They also opened up new offices in New York City to focus more of their efforts towards marketing. Their sales increased significantly after being featured on Shark Tank which allowed them to pursue additional projects that further developed their business model.

To this day, Potty Safe continues to be one of the leading potty training aids available on the market due its unique design features which help reduce messes and improve toilet hygiene for both children and adults alike!

How Much is the Squatty Potty Worth?

The Squatty Potty is an innovative toilet aid that can help improve the way you eliminate waste. The product was designed to make it easier for people to get into a squatting position while sitting on their toilets, which has been proven to reduce straining and improve overall elimination success. So how much does this handy little tool cost?

The Squatty Potty comes in various sizes and styles, with prices ranging from $24.99 for the 2-Step model up to $64.99 for the 7-inch adjustable height version. For those looking to add a bit of luxury and comfort, there are also padded models available starting at around $80 each. Of course, no matter what type of Squatty Potty you choose, it’s sure to be worth every penny as it helps alleviate strain while providing support during your bathroom visits!

What Potty Training Aid was Seen on Shark Tank?

One of the most talked about potty training aids to have ever been featured on Shark Tank is Potty Pals. Developed by two moms, Lindsey and Jessica, Potty Pals was designed with the aim of making potty training easier and more enjoyable for both parents and children. The product consists of a large poster that hangs above the toilet seat, incorporating various colorful characters like a pirate or superhero that encourage kids to use the bathroom successfully each time they visit.

It also comes with an accompanying app which has activities such as stories and games to help keep children engaged while using the restroom in order to make it a fun experience. After appearing on Shark Tank in 2018, this innovative invention quickly gained attention from parents around the world who wanted their own version of Potty Pals for their little ones!


This blog post has shown that Super Potty Trainer is an incredibly successful business, with a net worth of over $20 million. The company has been able to achieve this success through innovative products and excellent customer service. Super Potty Trainer will likely continue to be a leader in the potty training industry for many years to come.

With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, there’s no doubt that they’ll continue to bring in big profits for years down the road.