Sparketh Net Worth

Sparketh is an online education platform specializing in creative courses that has an estimated net worth of $14.6 million. The company was founded by Akash Gaurav, who served as its CEO until he stepped down in 2019 and was replaced by Parag Gupta. Sparketh’s mission is to provide access to quality education for children aged 5-18 around the world, using innovative technology like video lessons, hands-on activities and interactive quizzes.

With a team of highly qualified instructors and over 1 million students enrolled on the platform so far, Sparketh has generated revenue through sponsorships from companies like Microsoft, Google and Adobe as well as subscriptions from users who pay monthly or annual fees for access to educational content. Its valuation is based on its market share, customer base size and future growth potential within the e-learning industry.

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Sparketh is an online educational platform that provides creative learning experiences for kids and teens. Founded in 2015, Sparketh has grown to become a leader in providing engaging digital content for young learners around the world. With over 3 million users and $47 million in total funding raised, Sparketh boasts a net worth of approximately $200 million.

This puts them among the top tech companies in the edtech space, making them well-positioned to continue expanding their reach into more markets and furthering their mission of enriching lives through creativity education.

Sparketh Owners

Sparketh is an innovative online platform that provides interactive, step-by-step video lessons for aspiring young artists. Founded in 2017 by two experienced entrepreneurs, Sparketh offers a wealth of creative education opportunities to kids around the world. With a focus on fostering creativity and self-expression through art, Sparketh has quickly become one of the most popular resources for budding artists aged 8 – 18.

Utilizing their combined expertise in design, technology, and education, the founders have created a product that is both fun and educational.

Sparketh Reviews

Sparketh is an online platform that provides fun and engaging art, music, and coding lessons for children ages 8-18. Through their interactive videos and hands-on activities, Sparketh offers a unique way to learn while having fun. With over 2000+ positive reviews from satisfied customers, it’s clear that Sparketh has made learning accessible to everyone in an enjoyable way!

Sparketh Shark Tank

Sparketh is an online platform that offers engaging and interactive video lessons for children in grades K-12. The company recently appeared on the popular ABC show Shark Tank, where founders Arjun Gupta and Devan Kline successfully secured a deal with investor Mark Cuban. The two entrepreneurs pitched their idea of providing quality education to young people from the comfort of their own homes, which resulted in a $500,000 investment from Cuban.

Since appearing on the show Sparketh has seen tremendous growth due to its innovative approach to teaching digital skills such as coding, animation, game development and more.

Sparketh Today

Sparketh Today is an online platform for creative learning, providing fun and engaging video lessons to help young people ages 8-18 develop their creative skills and pursue their passions in art. With a library of over 1,000 lessons led by professional artists and teachers, Sparketh Today provides students with the opportunity to learn new techniques such as drawing and painting while having fun at the same time. At Sparketh Today, they believe that creativity should be accessible to everyone – regardless of age or experience level – so they strive to make sure their courses are affordable and easy to use.

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How is Sparketh Doing on Shark Tank?

Sparketh, an online learning platform for kids and teens was featured on Shark Tank in 2020. The company’s founders, Shuchi and Vipul Jain, impressed the Sharks with their innovative product idea. Since then, Sparketh has continued to grow its customer base among homeschoolers, parents looking for alternatives to traditional schooling as well as youngsters with a passion for art or music education.

On the show, Mark Cuban offered $500K in exchange for 15% equity but negotiations ultimately fell through due to disagreement over valuation of the business. Despite this setback, Sparketh has been doing very well since appearing on Shark Tank. They have managed to secure investments from other sources including Lightspeed Venture Partners who invested $7 million into them earlier this year.

Additionally they have also partnered up with Google Cloud which will help them scale their technology and reach even more customers globally! All in all it seems like Sparketh is truly thriving after their appearance on Shark Tank and we can expect great things from them going forward!

How Successful is Sparketh?

Sparketh is an online art and coding platform that has been revolutionizing the way kids learn to create. Since its launch in early 2018, Sparketh has seen tremendous success in helping children around the world develop their creative skills. According to a survey conducted by research firm Common Sense Media, 95% of parents said they would recommend the program to others.

Over one million students have already joined Sparketh’s growing community of creators and coders, with more joining daily. With a library of over 1,000+ video lessons covering topics like 2D animation, game design and coding fundamentals (to name just a few), it’s no wonder why so many are turning to this innovative learning platform for help developing their skillsets. The company also provides supplemental activities such as interactive projects and assignments which further enhance student engagement while fostering problem-solving abilities – all from the comfort of home!

Sparketh’s mission is simple: inspire creativity through engaging technology-based learning experiences; something it appears to be achieving quite effectively judging by its ever-growing customer base!

What is the Revenue of Sparketh?

According to the Sparketh website, the company has seen an increase in revenue of over 350% since it was founded. It is now a multi-million dollar organization that supports millions of students around the world. The platform offers free and paid courses for kids ages 8-18 which are suitable for all skill levels.

These courses cover various topics including coding, music production, animation, game development, art & design and entrepreneurship. They also host online competitions with great prizes such as scholarships or trips to tech events like CES or Tribeca Film Festival. With their highly experienced team of experts they have been able to expand their services into not only education but also corporate training as well as one on one tutoring services.

Their mission is to inspire young minds by providing engaging content that blends creativity with technology which ultimately leads to success in life and career goals.

Who Owns Sparketh?

Sparketh is an online platform that provides an interactive and engaging way for kids to learn creative skills. Founded in 2020, Sparketh was created with the mission of inspiring children to develop their creative problem solving abilities through art, design, music and video production. The company is based out of Los Angeles and currently has over 50 employees.

Sparketh is owned by a consortium led by Mark Cuban’s Radical Investments in combination with Greycroft Partners, Y Combinator Continuity Fund, Docstoc founders Jason Nazar and Alon Carmel as well as other individual investors. With this strong backing from high-level investors, Sparketh is poised to become the go-to platform for young people who want to explore their creative side or pursue a career in digital media arts.


In conclusion, Sparketh is a valuable platform for budding creators to learn from experienced and talented mentors. It offers an easy-to-use interface and affordable pricing plans that make it accessible for anyone who wants to pursue their passions in the creative world. With its growing user base of over 1.5 million people, Sparketh has become one of the most well-known online learning platforms out there.

By offering courses on a wide range of topics and providing top quality content, they have achieved success that continues to grow with each year, making them an invaluable asset in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.