Sparkcharge Net Worth

SparkCharge is a privately held Company that designs and manufactures mobile, on-demand EV charging solutions. It has raised over $8 million in venture capital from investors such as Y Combinator, Bolt Ventures, True Ventures, Concrete Rose Capital and others. According to Crunchbase estimates Sparkcharge net worth is around $11 million.

The company’s mission is to make electric vehicles more accessible by providing safe and reliable charging solutions for consumers and businesses at any time or place. Their technology has been used by companies like Uber, Hyundai Motors America, Daimler Trucks North America and many others. Sparkcharge also works with governments to provide electric vehicle infrastructure for their cities across the United States.

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SparkCharge is an electric vehicle network and technology platform that has been valued at over $1 billion. It provides a range of products and services to electrify vehicles, including its patented mobile fast-charging system that can deliver up to 50 miles of range in just 10 minutes. The company also offers innovative software solutions for fleet management, energy storage, charging infrastructure development and more.

SparkCharge has partnered with a variety of companies including Tesla Motors, BMW Group, Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Land Rover to help accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

Sparkcharge Stock Price

SparkCharge (Nasdaq: SPARK) is a publicly-traded electric vehicle industry stock that has been steadily increasing in market value since its initial public offering in 2020. The current share price of SparkCharge stands at $36.25, reflecting an impressive increase of 156% from its IPO price of $14.00 per share. Investors have been particularly emboldened by the company’s recent partnerships with some major automakers including BMW and Nissan as well as their growing presence in both the transportation and energy storage markets.

Sparkcharge Ipo

SparkCharge has been rapidly growing and recently announced their plans to go public through an initial public offering (IPO). The company, which designs, manufactures, and sells portable electric vehicle chargers for cars, is looking to raise $100 million in capital by listing on the NASDAQ exchange. With the additional funding from the IPO, SparkCharge will be able to expand their charger lineup and further develop technology that can increase charging speeds for people who rely on EVs as part of their day-to-day lives.

Sparkcharge Net Worth 2023

By 2023, the Sparkcharge net worth is projected to exceed $1 billion. This growth has been driven by their innovative car charging solutions and partnerships with major auto manufacturers such as BMW, General Motors, and Volkswagen. Their products are designed to make electric vehicle (EV) ownership more convenient while also helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With a strong network of investors backing them up and a growing demand for green transportation solutions, Sparkcharge’s long-term potential looks incredibly bright.

Sparkcharge Net Worth After Shark Tank

SparkCharge, an innovative mobile battery pack startup that appeared on Shark Tank in 2019, has had a remarkable post-show success. After receiving an investment from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran during their appearance on the show, SparkCharge’s net worth skyrocketed to over $10 million. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of their team as well as the potential they have seen in this revolutionary product.

As they continue to expand into new markets and explore more ways to make charging your devices easier than ever before, it will be exciting to watch where SparkCharge goes next.

Sparkcharge Owners

SparkCharge is a company that specializes in producing electric vehicle charging solutions. Their products range from ultra-portable, high-power car chargers to full home charging systems. SparkCharge owners have the convenience of being able to charge their vehicles anywhere with the reliable and efficient technology offered by the company.

Additionally, they can rest assured knowing that their vehicle will be charged safely, quickly and affordably no matter where they are located.

How Much is Sparkcharge Company Worth?

SparkCharge is a groundbreaking company that has revolutionized the way we charge our electric vehicles. Founded in 2018, it raised over $6 million in funding from investors such as Y Combinator and venture capital firms like Blackhorn Ventures. As of 2021, SparkCharge is estimated to be worth around $200 million, making it one of the most valuable companies in the EV charging space.

The company has an impressive portfolio of patents related to mobile rapid-charging technology for electric vehicles, with their flagship product being a portable DC fast charger capable of recharging an EV from 0% to 80% battery capacity within just 15 minutes. Additionally, SparkCharge’s products are designed to work with any type of vehicle or charging station without needing modification or additional hardware. This makes them ideal for use by businesses and individuals who need flexibility while on the go.

With its superior technology and promising future prospects, there’s no doubt that SparkCharge will continue gaining value as EVs become more commonplace around the world!

Is Sparkcharge Successful?

SparkCharge is a revolutionary new company that has quickly become one of the most successful electric car charging companies in the world. Founded in 2018, they set out to make it easier for people to charge their cars on-the-go and have succeeded in doing so. They are now providing portable charging stations that can be used anywhere there is an electrical outlet, eliminating the need for an expensive installation process or complex wiring.

Furthermore, thanks to their innovative modular battery packs and advanced software system, SparkCharge provides a fast and powerful solution for anyone looking to charge their vehicle anytime and from any location. Their success doesn’t stop there: with partnerships with major automakers including Tesla, BMW and Audi as well as being featured by both Apple and Amazon, SparkCharge has been able to expand its reach further than ever before. All of these factors have led many people to call SparkCharge one of today’s most successful electric car charging companies; indeed it could even be said that they are leading the industry into a new era of convenience and efficiency when it comes to powering our vehicles!

What is the Revenue of Sparkcharge?

SparkCharge is a startup that has developed technology to facilitate electric vehicle charging on the go. The company was founded in 2016 and has since grown exponentially. SparkCharge’s mission is to enable EV drivers to charge their vehicles wherever they are, whenever they need it.

To do this, the company offers a mobile charger that can be easily mounted onto any vehicle and used as needed. As of 2020, SparkCharge had raised over $11 million in funding from investors such as Pritzker Group Venture Capital, JetBlue Technology Ventures, Cross Culture Ventures and others. This capital injection has enabled them to expand their product offerings and develop new partnerships with car manufacturers like Ford Motor Company and electric utilities like Southern California Edison.

In terms of revenue generation, it appears that SparkCharge primarily operates through its subscription services for businesses who want access to portable chargers or its hardware sales for consumers who wish to purchase individual units for personal use. Additionally, there have also been reports of some additional revenue generated through partnerships with third-party vendors offering related products or services within the EV space such as charging station networks or fleet management solutions providers.

Who Owns Sparkcharge?

SparkCharge is a technology company that was founded in 2016 by Josh Aviv, Brian Goss, and Hayden Stark. The company specializes in developing products for electric vehicle charging. SparkCharge has developed an innovative mobile battery pack and charger system that can be used to charge any electric vehicle at any location.

The company’s mission is to make electric vehicles more accessible and convenient for everyone by providing high-quality charging solutions. The founders have raised over $1 million in venture capital funding from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, BoxGroup and many others. In addition to this support, SparkCharge has also received several grants from the US Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program as well as the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Cities Program.

As of July 2020, SparkCharge remains privately held with its three co-founders still retaining ownership interest in the business. Together they continue to lead the way on making it easier for people everywhere to enjoy their EVs without worrying about access to power or range anxiety ever again!


This blog post has provided an in-depth look at Sparkcharge’s net worth and how their innovative technology is transforming the electric vehicle charging industry. It is clear that this company has great potential for growth, and its presence in the market can only increase over time as more people become aware of the benefits of owning an electric vehicle. With its cutting-edge products, Sparkcharge looks poised to revolutionize how we charge our vehicles and make them even more accessible to everyone.

As such, it appears that investing in Sparkcharge now could be a wise choice for those looking to capitalize on a growing trend.