Snacklins Net Worth

Snacklins’ net worth is estimated to be between $1.5 million and $2 million. The company was founded by three entrepreneurs, Samy Kobrosly, Joe Goldsmith, and Mike Pingleton in 2017. They are a plant-based snack food brand that offers vegan alternatives to pork rinds.

Their products have become popular over the years because of their unique taste and nutritional value. Snacklins has grown rapidly since its founding with various partnerships such as Whole Foods, Safeway, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target, 7-Eleven and more carrying their products across the United States. In 2019 alone they reported revenue growth of 400%.

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Snacklins is the revolutionary vegan snack food that has been taking the country by storm. Boasting zero grams of cholesterol, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and a flavor profile that keeps customers coming back for more, it’s no surprise that Snacklins’ net worth is skyrocketing. In just a few short years since its founding in 2016, Snacklins has amassed an impressive net worth of over $25 million dollars – making it one of the most successful plant-based snack companies out there!

Snacklins Revenue

Snacklins, Inc. is a vegan snack company that has seen tremendous growth since its founding in 2017. In its first year, the company reported revenue of $2 million and it has been growing ever since. In 2019, Snacklins achieved record-breaking sales with total revenue reaching $12 million—a 500% increase compared to 2018!

This incredible success can be attributed to their unique flavors and commitment to delivering healthier snacking solutions that taste great.

Snacklins Net Worth 2023

Snacklins, a vegan snack food company based in the US, is projected to have an estimated net worth of $100 million by 2023. The company has experienced rapid growth since its launch in 2017 due to its unique flavor profiles and health-conscious ingredients, earning them partnerships with major retailers such as Whole Foods and Wegmans. Their commitment to using sustainable business practices has helped fuel their success and they are now distributed across the US.

As Snacklins continues to grow, it looks like they will be one of the leading plant-based snack companies for years to come.

Snacklins Amazon

Snacklins, the vegan pork rind alternative, is now available on Amazon! Made from a combination of mushrooms, yucca root and rice flour, Snacklins are air-puffed for maximum crunch with zero cholesterol. Now you can enjoy all the savory satisfaction of your favorite snack without any animal products or unhealthy ingredients.

Snacklins Shark Tank

Snacklins made their debut on Shark Tank in 2019, offering a unique and healthy snacking option. The company was founded by Samy Kobrosly, who created the product with his mother as a way to satisfy cravings for crunchy snacks without all of the unhealthy ingredients found in traditional options. Snacklins were an immediate hit with the Sharks, quickly securing $200K in funding from Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec.

Since then, Snacklins has become one of the most successful products ever to appear on Shark Tank and is now available nationwide.

Snacklins Chips

Snacklins chips are a new and exciting food product that offer a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional potato chips. Made from mushrooms, yuca, and cassava, they are an excellent source of fiber and provide just the right amount of crunchiness without being overly greasy or salty. Not only do Snacklins chips provide great flavor but they also contain no artificial flavors or preservatives making them a healthier snacking choice that you can feel good about feeding your family.

Are Snacklins Successful?

Snacklins are a revolutionary new snack food that have taken the snacking world by storm. They are made from just potatoes, yuca, onions and mushrooms – with no added oil or fat – and they’re surprisingly crunchy and flavorful. So far, Snacklins have been incredibly successful in both their retail sales as well as getting featured on popular television shows such as Shark Tank.

The unique blend of ingredients make them a great substitute for unhealthy snacks like chips, while still offering plenty of flavor to satisfy even the most discerning palettes. Plus, they contain only 70 calories per bag making them perfect for those looking to indulge without completely derailing their diet plans. With so many health benefits along with an amazing taste it is no wonder why Snacklins have become so wildly successful in such a short time period!

How Much Has Snacklins Made?

Snacklins, a snack food company that has been described as the “healthy junk food” of the future, has quickly become one of the most successful startups in recent years. With its 2020 launch and subsequent expansion into new markets such as California and Arizona, Snacklins is now available across more than 6,000 stores nationwide. The success of this venture can be attributed to its unique product offering – low calorie snacks made out of yuca and mushrooms with natural seasonings that offer an alternative to traditional high-calorie junk foods.

This clever business model has allowed Snacklins to grow exponentially since their humble beginnings in 2016. In just four short years they have achieved impressive sales figures with over $50 million dollars in revenue generated thus far! Their products are also now available on Amazon Prime pantry making them even more accessible for snacking on-the-go or at home while watching movies or playing video games.

It seems clear that Snacklins’ innovative approach to healthy eating is going strong and it looks like there’s no stopping them anytime soon!

Did Snacklins Get a Deal?

Yes, Snacklins did get a deal! The company recently announced that it has secured $3.7M in seed funding from investors such as Accel and S2G Ventures. This investment will allow the brand to expand its product line, marketing efforts and distribution into new markets.The deal also includes investments from notable figures such as NBA All-Star Chris Paul and NFL quarterback Cam Newton, both of whom are passionate about healthy eating habits and have been longtime fans of the snack food.

With this capital injection, Snacklins can continue to produce their innovative snacks made with real ingredients sourced from all over the world for their loyal customers. Moreover, they can invest more in research & development so that they can come up with creative flavors that meet customer demands while still maintaining their commitment to producing healthful snacks free of artificial colors or preservatives. As a result of this investment round, it looks like Snacklins is well on its way to becoming one of America’s favorite snack brands!

Who is the Owner of Snacklin?

Snacklin is a snack subscription service founded by husband and wife duo, Connor and Sarah. After having their first child, they wanted to create a way of snacking that was healthier but just as convenient as traditional junk food snacks. They searched far and wide for the best organic snacks from around the world, handpicked them into delicious mixes, then packaged them up in boxes with labels that are designed to make people smile.

With Snacklin’s mission of making healthy snacking an easier choice for everyone and Connor’s passion for giving back (20% of each sale goes to charity), this small business has become one of the most popular snack companies on the market today.


In conclusion, Snacklins has been a huge success and its net worth speaks for itself. The company’s products are delicious, vegan-friendly snacks that come in many flavors, making it appealing to a wide variety of customers. Its quick rise to fame is likely due to the combination of high quality ingredients with clever marketing strategies.

With an impressive net worth already established and plans for continued growth, Snacklins looks set to make even more waves in the snack food industry.