Sleep Styler Net Worth

The net worth of Sleep Styler is not publicly available. Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Caroline Egly, Sleep Styler offers heat-free curlers that can be used to style hair while sleeping. The company has gained notoriety on Shark Tank and social media, with partnerships including P&G’s Head & Shoulders, Sephora and NBC Universal.

In 2020 the company was named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Invention. It is safe to assume that the net worth of this successful business must be quite high given its success within a short period of time since its founding in 2018.


Sleep Styler is an innovative product that has made waves in the beauty industry. The company, founded by entrepreneur Chelsea Crockett, was created to help people save time and money when styling their hair after a night of sleep. With its unique form of air-drying technology and patented memory foam rollers, Sleep Styler has quickly become one of the top products on the market for those looking to maintain their look while getting a good night’s rest.

According to estimates from Forbes Magazine, Sleep Styler’s net worth stands at roughly $7 million as of 2021. This impressive figure speaks volumes about how much consumer demand there is for this revolutionary product and further emphasizes its potential for continued success in the future.

Sleep Styler Tara Brown

Tara Brown created the revolutionary product, Sleep Styler. This innovative hair-care set is designed to help women curl their hair without having to use heat or chemicals. The set includes patented foam rollers and a specially formulated conditioning treatment that can be used while sleeping.

Brown’s invention has been featured in several popular magazines, including Vogue and InStyle, making her an overnight success story.

Sleep Styler Shark Tank Update

In October of 2016, Sleep Styler appeared on Shark Tank and was successfully funded by Lori Greiner. Since then, the company has grown immensely and currently offers a line of heat-less curlers in various sizes to accommodate all hair types. In addition to the product’s success on Shark Tank, Sleep Styler continues to be featured on QVC as one of their most popular products.

The team is continually working hard to bring innovative solutions to help people style their hair quickly and easily without damaging it with heat tools.

Sleep Styler Owner

The Sleep Styler Owner is a revolutionary product that allows you to style your hair while you sleep. It combines the power of heat, foam and gentle pressure to give users beautiful curls or smooth and straight tresses overnight. The product is designed with comfort in mind, so it won’t interfere with your sleep.

With the Sleep Styler Owner, you can wake up each morning looking refreshed and ready for the day ahead!

Sleep Styler Amazon

The Sleep Styler Amazon is a revolutionary hair styling tool that helps you achieve salon-quality curls overnight. It has been designed to be used while sleeping and uses heat-free technology so it won’t damage your hair or cause split ends. The product comes with five sizes of rollers for different types of hairstyles and is made from memory foam for comfort.

With the Sleep Styler, you can get beautiful curls without having to worry about spending hours at the salon!

Sleep Styler Reviews

Sleep Styler Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Many reviewers report that Sleep Styler’s unique rollers and patented heat-free technology make it easy to style their hair overnight with minimal effort. Reviewers also love the convenience of being able to sleep in the product, as well as its affordability compared to other styling products on the market.

Overall, customers who have used Sleep Styler note that they are very pleased with their results and would highly recommend this product to others looking for an easier way to achieve beautiful hair without spending hours at a salon!

How Much Money Has Sleep Styler Made?

Sleep Styler, the revolutionary heat-free styling system for curling and straightening hair without breaking or damaging it, has made quite a splash since its launch in 2016. According to Crunchbase, Sleep Styler had raised over $1.5 million from investors to date and is estimated to have made more than $7 million in sales within its first two years on the market. The company’s success appears to be continuing as well; Sleep Styler recently announced that they are expanding their product offerings with new styles of sleepersizeable accessories and other products designed specifically for busy women on the go.

It’s clear that this innovative hairstyling solution is becoming increasingly popular among customers worldwide, which means it looks like Sleep Styler will continue making a lot of money in the years ahead!

How is the Sleep Styler Doing After Shark Tank?

The Sleep Styler is an innovative hair-styling product that was featured on Shark Tank in 2017. Since appearing on the show, the company has seen a massive surge of interest and success. After receiving an offer from all five Sharks, co-founder Lauren McCawley accepted a joint deal with Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner for $200k in exchange for 15% equity.

Since then, The Sleep Styler team has worked hard to make sure their product lives up to its promise of delivering effortless waves overnight – without damaging your hair or waking you up through heat styling. They have also invested heavily into research and development as well as marketing efforts to ensure their products reach more people every day. Their efforts appear to be paying off – since being featured on Shark Tank, The Sleep Styler has been featured in multiple publications including Cosmopolitan Magazine and Allure Magazine which helped them gain even more exposure and customers!

Moreover, they’ve recently expanded beyond just curlers with new products like heated rollers and other innovative tools designed specifically for safe heat styling while you sleep. Additionally, they now have international distribution deals across Europe so that customers around the world can get access to these unique products too! By 2021, it seems likely that The Sleep Styler’s success will only continue growing both here in North America as well as overseas markets given their recent investments into R&D along with their strategic partnerships abroad.

Who Owns the Sleep Styler?

The Sleep Styler is a revolutionary new product designed to help you sleep comfortably and wake up with beautiful hair. The company behind it is called Dreamtress, LLC, founded by two sisters from Long Island, NY – Shari Philipps and Stephanie O’Brien. Since its launch in 2016, the Sleep Styler has been gaining popularity for its unique design that allows users to curl or straighten their hair while they sleep.

It comes in three different sizes so you can find one just right for your needs. And since it doesn’t require any heat or chemicals to work, it’s much gentler on your hair than traditional styling methods. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get great-looking curls without damaging your strands – then the Sleep Styler might be just what you need!

How Much Did Lori Make off Squatty Potty?

Lori Greiner’s investment in Squatty Potty turned out to be one of her most lucrative investments. When she first invested in the company back in 2014, they had only sold $25,000 worth of product. After Lori’s help and guidance, Squatty Potty was able to turn that into over $300 million dollars in sales by 2019.

With a 25% stake in the company at the time of sale, Lori made an estimated total profit of around $75 million from her original investment just five years earlier! This success story highlights how even small investments can reap big rewards if you are willing to take risks and put your trust behind promising products and people.


This blog post has provided an in-depth look at the net worth of Sleep Styler and its founders. From their initial crowdfunding campaign to the product’s current success, it is clear that this innovative hair care invention has been a major financial success for all involved. The company continues to grow and thrive, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With more people becoming aware of the benefits of using Sleep Styler as an alternative to traditional hot rollers or curling irons, there is no doubt that its popularity will continue well into the future.