Simon Woodroffe Net Worth

Simon Woodroffe has an estimated net worth of $200 million. He is a British entrepreneur and the founder of several successful companies, most notably the restaurant chain Yo! Sushi and YO!

Company. His success in business began with YO!, which he started in 1997. The company grew rapidly, opening over 50 locations worldwide within five years.

Woodroffe also founded Yo! Home, which offers home automation products and services to create smart homes; Yo! Zone, a mobile phone application offering exclusive discounts; and Yammery Consulting, which provides corporate training programs for businesses.

In addition to these ventures, he has held various advisory positions throughout his career including on the board of directors at Kew Gardens since 2007 and is currently Chairman of Astrata Group Ltd., an international supply chain software provider.

Dragons STRESS Over 'Groundbreaking' Tattoo Removal | Dragons' Den

Simon Woodroffe is an English entrepreneur who has amassed a net worth of $150 million thanks to his success in the hospitality industry. He is best known for founding the popular restaurant chain Yo! Sushi and creating Dragon’s Den, a British television show that features aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas.

His innovative approach to business has earned him immense respect both in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Doug Richard Net Worth

Doug Richard is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist best known for his appearances on the BBC show Dragons’ Den. His estimated net worth is around £50 million, with a large portion of it coming from investments in companies like Skype, Shazam and LOVEFiLM. He also has interests in other areas such as property, private equity and venture capital.

Rachel Elnaugh Net Worth

Rachel Elnaugh is a British entrepreneur best known for her appearance on the BBC’s first series of Dragons’ Den. According to, Rachel Elnaugh has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2021. She made her fortune by selling businesses such as Red Letter Days and Natural Kitchen which she built from scratch prior to appearing on the show.

Peter Jones Net Worth

Peter Jones is a British entrepreneur who has an estimated net worth of £475 million as of 2021. He is best known for his appearances on the BBC television program Dragon’s Den, where he has provided financial backing and mentorship to many aspiring entrepreneurs. He also owns a number of successful businesses in various industries including media, technology, retail, leisure and property.

Peter Jones’ vast wealth comes from his savvy business investments and ventures over the years which have earned him significant returns.

Simon Woodroffe Truffles

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Why Did Simon Woodroffe Leave Dragons Den?

Simon Woodroffe, the founder of the successful business venture Dragons Den, made a surprise announcement in 2015 that he would be leaving the show after 13 years. While many people were shocked by his decision at first, it soon became clear why Woodroffe was taking this step. For one thing, he wanted to focus on other projects—namely YO!

Company and its implementations of new technology-driven ideas for hospitality industry businesses such as restaurants and hotels. He also felt that after all those years on Dragons Den, it was time to move on and let someone else take over in order to keep things fresh. Additionally, while some reports suggested there had been creative differences between him and the BBC producers behind the show, Simon himself has denied these claims and insists his departure was simply born out of wanting to explore different opportunities outside of television production.

Ultimately then, despite initially being unexpected news for fans of Dragon’s Den around the world; Simon Woodroffe’s reasons for leaving ultimately make perfect sense when seen from his perspective – allowing him both more freedom to pursue other ventures alongside ensuring that an already popular program will continue with fresh faces at its helm moving forward.

How Much is Peter Jones Worth?

Peter Jones is a British entrepreneur, businessman and TV personality. He has built an impressive career that spans more than two decades, having founded several successful businesses as well as appearing on the popular BBC series Dragons’ Den since 2005. According to reports from Forbes, Peter Jones’ net worth is estimated at $470 million.

This makes him one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Britain today and puts him among some of the most successful business moguls globally. Jones made much of his fortune through telecom giant Phones International Group (PIG), which he bought for just £50,000 when he was only 24 years old before turning it into a multi-million pound enterprise over 10 years later. Other major investments include stakes in companies such as Red Letter Days Ltd., Eazi Apps Ltd., and YouGov PLC amongst others.

Who is the Owner of Yo Sushi?

Yo Sushi is owned by The YO! Group, which was founded in 1997. It was started by Simon Woodroffe, who wanted to bring the vibrancy of Japanese culture into London’s restaurant scene.

Yo Sushi has since become one of the most popular sushi chains in the UK and beyond. They have over 100 restaurants across Europe and even opened their first US outlet in 2018. With a passion for delivering fresh authentic sushi, they’ve been instrumental in introducing British people to this delicious cuisine.

Their commitment to sustainability means that they source their fish from sustainable sources and are always looking at ways to reduce food waste throughout their kitchens. As well as tasty dishes, Yo Sushi also offers great value for money with its all-you-can eat concept – allowing customers to enjoy an unlimited selection of freshly prepared dishes at an affordable price point. In addition, they offer take away services so you can enjoy your favourite sushi on the go!

How Much is Sara from Dragons Den Worth?

Sara Davies is an English entrepreneur, investor and television personality best known for her role on the BBC series Dragons’ Den. Born in 1983, Sara has built a successful career as a businesswoman while also becoming one of the most well-known faces on British television. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sara’s wealth currently stands at an impressive £35 million.

Having forged a career for herself in retail and property management after graduating from university with a degree in industrial economics and business finance, she first appeared on Dragons’ Den in 2015 when she was just 32 years old. She quickly made her mark by investing in several start-ups which have since grown into international success stories including the online pet care retailer Bark & Fitz and fashion platform FashioNXT UK Ltd. Aside from her investments through Dragon’s Den, Sara is also co-founder of Crafter’s Companion Ltd., one of Europe’s leading suppliers of craft products which has grown to become worth millions since its launch 16 years ago; not bad work!

Not content with just making money however, Sara has dedicated much of her time to helping other entrepreneurs succeed too by launching The Bright Ideas Trust which provides grants and mentoring programmes to young people living across the North East region who may otherwise lack access to these resources due to their background or location. In addition this wonderful philanthropy project, she regularly gives talks encouraging women into entrepreneurship whilst maintaining high profile roles such as Chairman for Great British Entrepreneur Awards judging panel – so it’s no wonder that she has earned herself both industry recognition awards such as ‘Women Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist 2017’ alongside earning herself such immense wealth!


In conclusion, Simon Woodroffe’s net worth has grown significantly over the years due to his entrepreneurial success. His innovative approach to business and commitment to creating something unique have enabled him to build a strong brand and an impressive fortune. He is an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere, demonstrating that with hard work and dedication it is possible to achieve great wealth and success.