Signal Vault Net Worth

Signal Vault is a company that specializes in credit and debit card data security. Founded by entrepreneur Steve MacKay, the company is based in San Diego, California. It is an online system that provides users with secure storage of their account information and payment credentials.

Signal Vault’s patented technology encrypts user data and stores it on its servers to prevent theft or fraud. As of 2021, Signal Vault’s net worth has not been disclosed publicly; however, the company has successfully raised several rounds of funding since its launch in 2015.

SignalVault Shark Tank Pitch & Update – Ashton Kutcher Guest Shark

Signal Vault is a revolutionary new product developed by CEO Chris Gilpin that helps to protect consumers’ financial data. It is a small, credit card-sized device that prevents fraudsters from stealing personal information via wireless scanning devices. The technology has proven to be incredibly effective in thwarting even the most sophisticated of scams and has resulted in Signal Vault having an estimated net worth of over $100 million dollars.

With its innovative approach providing customers with greater peace of mind in their online transactions, it’s no wonder why Signal Vault is so highly sought after!

Does Signal Vault Really Work

Yes, the Signal Vault does work. It is designed to protect your credit cards from data skimming and RFID theft by using a radio frequency-blocking material that prevents unauthorized access to your personal information. The device also comes with an app that will alert you if it detects any suspicious activity in your vicinity.

Furthermore, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee if their product fails to meet its security promises.

Where to Buy Signal Vault

Signal Vault is a revolutionary security device that helps protect your credit and debit cards from digital theft. It uses advanced technology to block malicious scanning of your cards, preventing unauthorized access to your sensitive information. The best place to buy Signal Vault is directly from their website at, where you can find the full range of products and select the one that best fits your needs.

Additionally, they offer free shipping on all orders over $30 in the US!

Signal Vault Card

The Signal Vault Card is a secure credit card device that helps protect your personal data from electronic pickpocketing. It uses advanced encryption technology to create an invisible shield around your card, blocking any attempts to steal information such as your name, account number and PIN. As an added layer of security, the Signal Vault also emits a unique signal every time it’s used at a store or ATM so that thieves can’t intercept the transmission.

The device fits easily into any wallet and provides peace of mind knowing that you’re protected against identity theft while shopping online or in-person.

Clean Sleep Net Worth

Clean Sleep is a mattress company that has quickly gained popularity for its commitment to sustainability and superior comfort. Its net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, which it has earned through direct sales of its mattresses. Clean Sleep offers a range of memory foam and hybrid mattresses in both standard and custom sizes, along with bedding accessories such as pillows, sheets, blankets, and more.

The company also sells adjustable bases for optimal sleep posture.

Signal Vault Competitor

The Signal Vault is a credit card security device that helps protect against fraud and identity theft. A competitor to the Signal Vault, called CardX Shield, also provides secure protection for your credit cards. CardX Shield uses similar technology as the Signal Vault in order to create an encrypted connection between your card and the merchant’s terminal.

The two devices are similar in many ways but one of the main differences is that CardX Shield does not require you to purchase an additional device when using it with a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

How is Signalvault Doing After Shark Tank?

SignalVault, the world’s first and only credit card protection device to be featured on Shark Tank has been doing incredibly well since their appearance in 2013. After securing a $100,000 investment from Robert Herjavec, SignalVault enjoyed an immediate surge in sales as more people began to understand the need for their unique product. Since then, SignalVault has continued to experience steady growth each year due to its innovative approach to protecting consumers’ identities and financial information from theft and fraud.

The company now offers additional products such as RFID-blocking wallets and passport covers that are designed specifically with identity protection in mind. In addition, they have also expanded into several other countries including Canada, Australia and Europe. All of these factors combined have led SignalVault to become one of the top players in the identity protection industry today – proving that their success after Shark Tank was anything but a fluke!

Is Signalvault Successful?

SignalVault is a revolutionary product that has been taking the tech and security worlds by storm. It is a credit card protector that blocks all types of wireless scanning and skimming, allowing users to protect their private information from theft. Its success can be seen in its awards it has won for innovation and customer satisfaction, as well as the numerous positive reviews it has received from prominent organizations such as Consumer Reports, PC Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

Furthermore, SignalVault offers a comprehensive refund policy if customers are not satisfied with the product or have any concerns about its performance – making sure customers have complete peace-of-mind when investing in this technology. With features like RFID shielding up to 1200 MHz frequencies; advanced encryption algorithm; tamper-proof design; secure cloud storage; and an easy setup process via Bluetooth connection—it’s no wonder why SignalVault has quickly become one of the most popular products on the market today.

Who Owns Signalvault?

SignalVault is owned by a company called Identity Stronghold, LLC. Founded in 2008, the company was created to provide an answer to people who wanted a secure way to protect their personal information from criminals and identity theft. SignalVault works with financial institutions around the world to keep customers’ data safe and secure.

The product is made out of proprietary hardware that utilizes encryption technology and cannot be accessed without proper authorization. It also has a built-in digital signature verification system so you know only authorized personnel can access your account. SignalVault also provides additional security features like two-factor authentication, which requires users to enter both their username and password before they are granted access into their accounts as well as biometric authentication for further protection against unauthorized access attempts.

By combining these various layers of security, Identity Stronghold ensures its customers have peace of mind when it comes to protecting their personal information online or through traditional means such as credit cards or debit cards while shopping in stores or restaurants.

Who is the Ceo of Signalvault?

The CEO of SignalVault is Tim FitzGerald. He joined the company in 2014, and has since been instrumental in its success. Under his leadership, SignalVault has become an industry leader in providing secure payment solutions for both retailers and consumers.

With a background in finance, sales and marketing, FitzGerald has helped to shape the growth of the company by building strong relationships with partners across multiple industries while also driving innovation within their products. His expertise extends beyond payments as he brings a unique understanding of customer experience design to ensure that users are provided with the best possible service when using SignalVault’s payment processing platform. In addition to his role as CEO at SignalVault, FitzGerald serves on several boards including the National Retail Federation (NRF) Payments Council and Source America Advisory Board where he helps guide strategic decisions around payments infrastructure initiatives.


Overall, Signal Vault Net Worth is an impressive financial service that can help you to manage your finances and investments more effectively. It provides a secure online platform for users to store their personal information, track their spending and investment performance, and access expert advice on how to make the most of their money. With its comprehensive features, Signal Vault Net Worth makes managing finances easier and more secure than ever before.

Whether you’re looking to save money or grow your wealth over time, this innovative service is sure to be beneficial in helping you achieve your financial goals.