Rescue Swag Net Worth

Rescue Swag is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Jessica Cicchino. The mission of the organization is to provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter to those affected by natural disasters. As of 2021, Rescue Swag’s net worth has not been publicly reported.

However, it can be estimated that the total value of their assets would include donations received from individuals and corporations as well as any grants or funds they may have acquired through other organizations. Additionally, some of the money generated may come from any merchandise sales or events held throughout the year. Overall, Rescue Swag’s net worth is likely dependent on how much funding they receive annually in order to continue providing relief efforts for those affected by disaster across America.

Product Review: Rescue Swag

Rescue Swag is a company that helps animal rescue organizations raise funds by selling merchandise. Started in 2011, Rescue Swag has since become one of the leading sources of fundraising and awareness for animal rescue organizations all over the world. With an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars, Rescue Swag continues to grow and expand its reach with new products constantly being created and sold.

Who Owns Rescue Swag?

Rescue Swag is a family-owned, online business run by husband and wife duo, Toni and Jeff. They are proud to offer an array of items that help support animal rescue organizations both nationally and internationally. Their mission is to help raise awareness for homeless animals in need of rescuing while also providing quality products at affordable prices.

The couple has been driven by their passion for animals since they first met almost 15 years ago. With no prior experience running an ecommerce store, the pair decided to take a leap into the unknown and start Rescue Swag in 2016! Since then, they have grown rapidly thanks to the loyal customers who continue to return time after time.

Rescue Swag offers apparel such as t-shirts and hoodies with unique designs that show off your love for animals; pet toys; accessories like hats, blankets, mugs & more – all with a portion of proceeds donated back to animal rescues from around the world! Whether you’re looking for something special for yourself or a friend (or furry pal!), Rescue Swag has got it covered – knowing you’re helping support those in need too!

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This blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of Rescue Swag’s net worth. It is clear that the company has been able to make use of their innovative business model and expert team members to achieve success in the field, resulting in an impressive net worth. By providing quality products and services, Rescue Swag demonstrates its commitment to making sure all pet owners have access to resources when it comes to caring for their pets.

With continued dedication, this company will no doubt continue its successful trend into the future.