Plate Topper Net Worth

The net worth of Plate Topper is not publicly available. However, it can be estimated that Plate Topper has earned over $3 million in revenue since its inception in 2014. The company has been featured on the Shark Tank television show, and the products have sold well at major retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

In addition to this revenue, Plate Topper also earns money from licensing agreements with other companies for use of their technology and designs. With continued success and growth in product sales, Plate Topper’s net worth will likely only increase as time goes on.


Plate Topper is a revolutionary food-saving product that has taken the world by storm. Its innovative design allows users to store leftovers in their refrigerator, keeping them fresher for longer periods of time. With its growing popularity, Plate Topper has become an increasingly profitable business venture and is estimated to be worth around $20 million dollars.

This success speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this unique product and its potential for further growth in the future.

Why Did Plate Topper Go Out of Business

Plate Topper, a product designed to help keep food fresh while storing in the refrigerator, went out of business due to lack of sales. The product simply failed to gain enough traction among consumers and did not generate sufficient revenue for the company’s continued growth. Additionally, Plate Topper faced stiff competition from similar products on the market and was unable to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Ultimately, this led to its demise as a viable business entity.

Plate Topper Amazon

The Plate Topper from Amazon is a revolutionary product that helps to keep food fresh and delicious for longer. It works by creating an airtight seal on top of any flat plate, bowl or platter, keeping out bacteria and moisture while also preserving the flavor of your food. The Plate Topper is made with BPA-free materials and comes in two sizes to fit all standard plates.

With this handy product, you’ll be able to enjoy tasty meals even after they’ve been left out for several hours!

Plate Topper Walmart

Walmart now offers a convenient and affordable solution for keeping your food fresh with the Plate Topper. This product is designed to fit standard dinner plates, helping keep foods like pizza, sandwiches and snacks covered while you eat. The Plate Topper can also be used as a storage container after meals, providing an easy way to store leftovers in the fridge or on the go.

With its sleek design and airtight seal, it’s sure to be a great addition to any kitchen!

Plate Topper Now

Plate Topper Now is an innovative product that makes meal times easier and more enjoyable. It’s a food cover designed to fit securely over plates, bowls and other dishes to keep them fresh for longer. The unique design features flexible sides so it can be adjusted to fit different sizes of containers, as well as air vents to ensure the food doesn’t get too hot or cold.

It’s also microwave-safe so you can easily reheat leftovers without having to transfer them into another dish. Plate Topper Now is perfect for anyone who wants their meals kept fresher for longer – making it ideal for busy professionals, families with young children and those living in small spaces.

Plate Topper Qvc

Plate Topper QVC is an innovative product that makes mealtime a lot easier. It’s a unique, easy-to-use kitchen gadget that helps keep food warm and fresh for hours on end. Plate Topper QVC is part of the “As Seen On TV” family of products and can be found on their website or your local store.

This device is perfect for busy households as it eliminates the need to continually reheat meals throughout the day. Plus, Plate Topper QVC is made with BPA free plastic so you can feel good about using this product at home!

Is Plate Topper Still in Business?

Plate Topper is a popular product that helps to keep food fresh and secure in an airtight container. The company has been around since 2009 and it’s still going strong today. While some of the original products have been discontinued, the Plate Topper brand has continued to produce new products such as lids for various kitchen containers, refrigerator shelves, and even microwave-safe covers.

With its innovative design, Plate Topper makes food storage easier than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a way to store leftovers or simply want to avoid spills when reheating meals, this product can help make your mealtime experience more convenient. And yes – Plate Topper is definitely still in business!

How Much Did Lori Make off Scrub Daddy?

Lori Greiner, the inventor of Scrub Daddy, made a fortune off her invention. She initially invested $200,000 in the product and sold it on QVC for over 14 million dollars. After that initial success with QVC, Lori’s company Shark Tank products took off and she has now licensed Scrub Daddy to many other retailers across the globe.

While exact numbers are not available, estimates suggest that Lori has earned well over $50 million from Scrub Daddy alone. Her success story is proof that investing in yourself can pay off big time if you are willing to put in hard work and dedication.

What is Each Shark’S Net Worth?

The Sharks on Shark Tank have a variety of net worths. The founding Shark, and the show’s executive producer, Mark Cuban, has an estimated net worth of 4.2 billion dollars making him one of the richest people in the world. Daymond John is estimated to have a net worth of 300 million dollars and has become a successful entrepreneur since appearing on Shark Tank.

Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr Wonderful”) was originally an investor but now works as both a venture capitalist and author with his reported current net worth being 400 million dollars. Lori Greiner is known for her jewelry designs but also invests in products from other companies which she promotes through QVC as well as her own retail outlets; her current estimated net worth is 100 million dollars. Barbara Corcoran has built up quite the real estate empire over years with her current reported net worth being 80 million dollars .

Robert Herjavec started out in technology before becoming an investor – his current estimated wealth stands at 200 million dollar Lastly, there’s tech guru Chris Sacca who left investing after announcing he’d be stepping away from venture capital back in 2017; however prior to that he had accumulated 8 billion dollars in investments and currently holds a personal fortune of 1.2 billion dollars!

How Much Money is Laurie Greiner Worth?

Laurie Greiner is an American entrepreneur and television personality who has a net worth of $100 million. She is best known for her appearances on the hit TV show Shark Tank, where she has made investments in various businesses. Since joining the show, Laurie’s net worth has grown exponentially thanks to her shrewd business acumen and savvy investment decisions.

In addition to investing in companies on Shark Tank, Laurie also owns several successful businesses of her own including the popular storage solution company Clever Container. She also holds stakes in other fashion-related companies such as SCORE!, which specializes in women’s athletic apparel and accessories. Aside from these ventures, Laurie makes money through public speaking engagements, book deals, and endorsements with various brands like QVC and HSN.

With all these activities combined together, it’s no wonder that Laurie Greiner’s current net worth stands at a whopping $100 million!


The Plate Topper Net Worth is a great asset for anyone looking to save time and money when cooking. It helps you to reduce food waste while still enjoying healthy, delicious meals. Not only does this product make meal-prep easier, it also saves on time and cost by allowing you to cook multiple items at once.

The Plate Topper Net Worth is an innovative way for people of all budgets to enjoy tasty, healthy foods without breaking the bank or wasting precious resources. With its convenience and affordability, the Plate Topper Net Worth is definitely worth investing in!