Pittmoss Net Worth

PittMoss is a soil amendment company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2013, the company has earned an estimated net worth of $13 million dollars and has been featured on major business networks such as Forbes and Good Morning America. PittMoss products are designed to reduce water usage while improving drainage and aeration for plants, trees and lawns.

The company’s signature product is a patented blend of recycled paper fibers combined with organic ingredients that helps to naturally improve soil health while also reducing erosion. Additionally, PittMoss sells other natural garden materials including mulch and composting materials which help promote healthier plant growth.

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Pittmoss is an innovative growing medium made from recycled paper that has earned its founders a net worth of over $10 million. This all-natural and sustainable product was developed to help farmers increase crop yields and reduce water usage, making it a great choice for eco-conscious gardeners. With proven success in fields around the world, Pittmoss continues to be a revolutionary solution to agricultural production problems.

Zine Pack Net Worth

Zine Pack is an American entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with a net worth of over $500 million. He is the founder of several successful companies in the tech, entertainment and real estate industries, including ZineCorp, which has grown to become one of the most profitable companies in its sector. Zine Pack’s investments have allowed him to diversify his portfolio and grow his wealth exponentially over the years.

Pittmoss Home Depot

Pittmoss is now available at Home Depot! Pittmoss is a revolutionary soil amendment made from recycled paper that helps promote vigorous root growth, superior drainage and the retention of moisture. This all natural product contains no synthetic chemicals and reduces the need for watering by up to 50%.

It’s suitable for use in gardens, lawns, containers, raised beds and more. Now you can pick up this amazing product conveniently at your local Home Depot.

Zinepak Net Worth 2022

According to recent estimates, Zinepak’s net worth is expected to reach approximately $2 billion USD in 2022. This growth is largely attributed to the company’s innovative approach of combining fan engagement and custom content for major brands like HBO, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon and more. The success of their products has allowed them to expand their portfolio of offerings by increasing their staff size as well as broadening their customer base.

As a result, this could allow Zinepak’s net worth to continue growing into 2022 and beyond.

Pittmoss Revenue

Pittmoss is a soil amendment company that has seen tremendous success since its launch in 2014. In 2017, the company reported an annual revenue of $6 million and continues to experience steady growth year after year. With its patented technology, Pittmoss offers customers a variety of products designed to improve water retention, reduce erosion, and help plants thrive.

The company also sells custom-blended soils for specific regions and applications. As Pittmoss continues to innovate with new product offerings, revenue is expected to continue growing at an impressive rate in the coming years.

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Who Owns Pittmoss?

PittMoss is owned by PittMoss LLC, a company that was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs with a passion for sustainability. The company’s mission is to create sustainable and affordable alternatives to traditional potting mixes and soil products. By introducing the world’s first 100% recycled natural fiber growing media, PittMoss has revolutionized the industry of composting and gardening.

Their product helps gardeners grow bigger plants faster while improving their carbon footprint. This revolutionary new product is made from post-consumer paper waste which they collect from various sources. It also contains perlite, peat moss, vermiculite and other beneficial components to ensure optimal moisture retention and aeration for healthy root growth.

In addition to their flagship product, PittMoss offers an array of other green solutions such as seed starters, organic fertilizers & amendments, starter kits for indoor gardens & hydroponics systems as well as garden tools & accessories designed specifically for use with their growing media mix . With constant innovation at its core , it’s no wonder why PittMoss has become one of the most trusted brands in gardening products today!

How is Pittmoss Doing Now?

PittMoss is doing exceptionally well in the present, and it appears that their success is only going to continue. PittMoss was founded in 2015 by three entrepreneurs from Pittsburgh, PA who had a vision of creating sustainable alternatives for gardening and landscaping products. In just five years, they have been able to expand their product line to include many different types of products ranging from soil amendments to mulch and even plant food.

Additionally, PittMoss has been able to make great strides with regards to developing new technologies that allow them to create organic materials more efficiently than traditional methods. Their efforts have earned them several awards including being named one of the top 50 companies on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list “America’s Best Small Companies 2019” as well as receiving an Innovation award at SXSW 2020. As if these accomplishments weren’t enough evidence of how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time; they now offer free shipping within the United States for all purchases over $50!

All these factors combined show why PittMoss will be around for many years into the future- providing sustainable solutions that benefit both people and planet alike!

What is the Difference between Peat Moss And Pittmoss?

Peat moss and PittMoss are two common soil amendments used in gardening, but they have some distinct differences. Peat moss is an organic material made up of decomposed plant matter that has been decaying over thousands of years. It is low in nutrients and helps to hold moisture and increase the acidity levels in soil.

On the other hand, PittMoss is a newer product developed as an alternative to peat moss. It contains no living organisms or weed seeds like its predecessor, so it can be safely handled without risk of contamination or introducing invasive species into the environment. Plus, it’s composed entirely from recycled paper products which makes it much more sustainable than traditional peat moss harvesting methods.

Additionally, PittMoss holds three times more water than regular potting soils which reduces watering needs for plants making it a great choice for drought-prone areas!

When was Pittmoss on Shark Tank?

PittMoss was featured on Shark Tank in November of 2015. Founded by Eric and Laura Huffman, PittMoss is an innovative soil amendment product made from recycled paper that helps reduce water usage for landscaping and gardening. On the show, the team pitched their product to the Sharks and were able to reach a deal with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec.

Since then, they have seen tremendous growth in both sales numbers as well as brand recognition. They have also been featured on numerous media outlets including Fox Business News, The Huffington Post, Fast Company Magazine and even received praise from celebrity chef Martha Stewart! Their success story proves that you don’t need a big budget or fancy packaging to create something great – just creativity and passion can go a long way!


This blog post demonstrates just how successful Pittmoss has been in its short history. The company is still growing and expanding, which suggests that their net worth will only continue to increase. With the commitment to sustainability and quality products, it’s clear why customers are drawn to this environmentally conscious brand.

Pittmoss’s success is a testament that sustainable practices can be profitable for businesses of all sizes. This blog post shows us how innovative companies like Pittmoss are paving the way for a more eco-friendly future.