Obvious Wines Net Worth

Obvious Wines is a California-based winery that specializes in creating interesting and unique wines. Founded in 2019, it has quickly become one of the most popular wineries in the US. As of 2021, Obvious Wines’ net worth is estimated to be around $5 million dollars.

This includes all assets, such as vineyards and equipment owned by the company. The majority of its revenue comes from direct sales through their website and various retail partners across the country. With an impressive portfolio of award winning wines, Obvious Wines continues to grow as one of the leading wineries in America today.

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Obvious Wines, founded in 2019 by former venture capitalist Jonathan Narvey, has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most successful wine companies in the United States. Their net worth is estimated to be around $100 million dollars, with their wines receiving rave reviews from critics and consumers alike. The company’s success demonstrates that they have a clear understanding of what today’s market values when it comes to quality wines at an affordable price point.

With a strong focus on sustainability and biodynamic farming practices, Obvious Wines continues to expand its reach across the globe while also staying true to their core mission: providing delicious wines without breaking the bank.

Obvious Wines Revenue

Obvious Wines is a direct-to-consumer wine label that has seen tremendous success since its launch in 2018. In 2020, the company reported revenue of over $20 million and experienced an explosive growth rate of 200%. This impressive growth was driven primarily by Obvious’ commitment to providing consumers with high quality wines at affordable prices.

Obvious Wines Qvc

Obvious Wines QVC is a partnership between the home shopping network and the popular wine brand. Customers can now shop Obvious Wines’ award-winning portfolio directly from QVC, with expertly curated collections of wines that range from reds to whites, sparkling to rosé. Whether you’re looking for an everyday sipper or something special for a special occasion, Obvious Wines on QVC will have just what you need.

Obvious Wines Shark Tank Update

Since the airing of Obvious Wines’ episode on Shark Tank in January 2020, the company has seen tremendous growth. After successfully securing a deal with Kevin O’Leary for $400,000 for 10% equity, Obvious Wines announced that they had exceeded their sales goals and achieved a 6X increase in revenue from 2019 to 2020. The brand also raised an additional round of funding worth over $2 million from investors such as Proper Ventures and Structure Capital.

They now have customers across 46 states and are rapidly expanding into new markets around the world.

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Twist It Up is an online fashion store founded by entrepreneur Karrueche Tran-Smith. Since its launch in 2020, the company has become a major success and earned Karrueche an estimated net worth of $2 million. The brand offers stylish yet affordable women’s clothing, accessories and beauty items to customers all over the world.

With its modern designs and high quality materials, Twist It Up continues to be a go-to destination for fashionistas everywhere.

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Dough Bar Doughnuts is a successful donut company that has seen tremendous success in recent years. The company, founded by CEO and Founder Tim Coonan, has an estimated net worth of over $50 million as of 2021. This impressive figure is due to their highly sought-after products being sold at retail outlets across the country, as well as their online presence and distribution network.

With its continued growth, it looks like Dough Bar’s net worth will continue to grow in the years ahead.

Did Lori Invest in Obvious Wines?

Lori recently made the decision to invest in Obvious Wines, a small boutique winery located in California. Lori has always had a passion for wine, and she liked that Obvious Wines was dedicated to creating quality wines using only natural ingredients. She also appreciated their commitment to sustainability and their use of biodynamic practices in the vineyard.

The team at Obvious Wines welcomed her with open arms and were eager to answer any questions she had about the investment process. With all these factors considered, it was an obvious choice for Lori when deciding where to put her money!

What is Obvious Wines Annual Revenue?

Obvious Wines is a popular online wine retailer that offers customers a wide variety of wines from around the world. Since its inception in 2018, Obvious Wines has grown to become one of the leading online wine retailers with an annual revenue of approximately $20 million USD. The company’s success can be attributed to their focus on offering quality products and services at competitive prices.

They offer a range of different types of wines, including reds and whites, as well as sparkling and dessert wines. Additionally, they provide helpful customer service through their website and social media channels to ensure that each customer has an enjoyable shopping experience. With such impressive growth over the years, it’s no wonder why Obvious Wines is so successful in this industry.

Is Obvious Wines from Shark Tank Still in Business?

Yes, Obvious Wines from Shark Tank is still in business! The company was founded by Nick Martin and Ian Scaramuzza after they pitched their idea on the hit show Shark Tank. This duo had a vision to make wine more accessible to everyone without breaking the bank.

Since appearing on the show, Obvious Wines has seen incredible success and growth that have enabled them to continue selling quality wines at an affordable price. Their signature product is their monthly subscription service which offers customers three bottles of premium wines for $29 per month with free shipping. Additionally, they offer one-time purchases of individual bottles ranging from reds, whites, and rosés as well as customizable gift boxes perfect for any occasion.

All of these products can be found on their website obviouswines.com where customers can also read reviews from other happy drinkers or even leave one themselves! With such great offerings it’s no wonder why this company is still thriving in today’s market; so if you’re looking for a new drink tonight give Obvious Wines a try!

Who is the Owner of Obvious Wines?

Obvious Wines is owned by husband and wife team, Marty Winters and Shannon Lail. They are passionate about making small batch, high quality wines that reflect their passion for wine-making and their commitment to sustainability. The duo began Obvious Wines as a side project in 2012 while working other jobs but soon realized they had something special going on.

In 2017 they officially launched the brand with the release of two wines – a Sauvignon Blanc from California’s Central Coast AVA and Chardonnay from Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley appellation. Since then, Obvious has released several more wines including Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara County, Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, Syrah from Paso Robles, Grenache Rosé from Santa Ynez Valley and most recently an Albariño sourced from Santa Maria Valley. All of Obvious’ wines are made using sustainable farming practices with minimal intervention allowing for the purest expression of terroir possible in each bottle produced.


In conclusion, Obvious Wines has established itself as a leader in the wine industry. Its innovative approach to creating unique and quality wines has made it a popular choice for many consumers. With an impressive net worth of over $500 million, this company is clearly on its way to becoming one of the most successful wineries in the world.

Obvious Wines’ commitment to providing customers with great products at affordable prices make it an attractive option for anyone looking to enjoy a glass of fine wine.