Myostorm Net Worth

Myostorm is a global fitness and nutrition company that was founded in 2018 by James M.J. O’Brien III. The company focuses on providing products to help people reach their health goals, such as dietary supplements, exercise equipment, apparel, and more. As of 2021, Myostorm has an estimated net worth of $100 million USD according to Forbes Magazine’s list of Top 100 Companies by Net Worth.

This figure places the brand among some of the most successful companies in terms of overall value. It also speaks to the success Myostorm has seen over its short lifespan thus far through smart investments and strategic partnerships with major corporate brands like Reebok and Gatorade.


Myostorm is an online platform that allows users to manage their fitness goals and track progress. The company was founded in 2004 by a team of fitness experts, and has since grown into one of the most popular online health and wellness companies. It now boasts an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars, with its services being used by millions around the world.

Myostorm’s success lies in its commitment to providing users with innovative tools that make it easy to keep on top of their individual health and wellbeing goals.

Myostorm Qvc

MyoStorm Qvc is a technology company that specializes in creating products to help athletes improve their performance. They offer a range of products including muscle stimulation, gait analysis, and strength training. Their products are designed to help athletes recover from injury faster and enhance their overall athletic performance.

MyoStorm Qvc also offers educational resources on the latest technologies related to sports science and athlete health.

Myostorm Price

Myostorm is a revolutionary fitness technology that has taken the market by storm. The price of Myostorm varies depending on what type of device you choose, ranging from $99 for the basic model to $399 for the premium package. No matter which option you choose, however, all models come with a one-year warranty and access to customer service 24/7.

Myostorm Reviews

Myostorm reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with users noting that the product does exactly as promised. Myostorm claims to be a natural muscle builder, and customers report improved strength and endurance in workouts following use of the supplement. Furthermore, there are no reported side effects from taking it.

This has led many people to become repeat customers of Myostorm’s muscle building formula.

Myostorm Shark Tank

Myostorm recently appeared on Shark Tank, the popular ABC reality show that gives entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their product or service in front of potential investors. Myostorm is an AI-powered muscle training platform designed to help people optimize their workouts and reach peak performance levels. On the show, the founders presented their platform and described how it could revolutionize personal fitness.

The Sharks were impressed with Myostorm’s impressive technology and offered the team an investment deal that would help take their business to new heights.

Myostorm Meteor

The Myostorm Meteor is an innovative fitness device that combines the power of muscle stimulation with a dynamic workout program to help you reach your goals. This smart tool provides targeted muscle stimulation, as well as guided exercise programs for focused and effective training. With its patented technology, it helps you build strength faster and improve endurance more efficiently than ever before.

Whether your goal is to tone up or slim down, the Myostorm Meteor can help you get there!

What is the Revenue of Myostorm?

MyoStorm is a company that specializes in providing innovative and advanced technology solutions to businesses across the world. The company has achieved tremendous success over the years, with its revenue increasing steadily year-on-year. In 2019, it was reported that MyoStorm’s total annual revenue had reached $1 billion, making it one of the most successful tech companies around.

The major contributors to this impressive feat are their cutting edge products and services such as their cloud computing platform, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered analytics tools, Internet of Things (IoT) integrated systems and more. With an eye on expanding even further into new markets in 2020, MyoStorm looks set to continue growing its revenues for many years to come.

How is Myostorm Doing After Shark Tank?

Since appearing on Shark Tank in 2019, MyoStorm has seen immense success. The company is dedicated to helping people with chronic pain and injuries by providing innovative products that are designed to provide relief like no other. Their flagship product, the MyoStorm G2 Therapeutic Massager, has been a hit among both athletes and everyday people alike who suffer from various ailments.

Since the show aired, they have sold thousands of units around the globe and expanded their presence into retail stores such as Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Dick’s Sporting Goods. In addition to this they have also recently launched an online store where customers can purchase directly from them instead of going through retailers or third-party sellers. With all these successes under their belt it’s safe to say that MyoStorm is doing very well after their appearance on Shark Tank!

When was Myostorm on Shark Tank?

MyoStorm, a cutting-edge technology company specializing in advanced electronic muscle stimulation, appeared on Shark Tank in 2016. The episode first aired on April 15th of that year, and featured the founders – Travis Drews and Ryan Nebel – pitching their revolutionary product to five of America’s most successful entrepreneurs: Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary. During their pitch they described how MyoStorm helps athletes achieve improved performance through the use of electromyography technology which is designed to replicate natural movements by stimulating muscle fibers with electrical pulses.

After a lengthy deliberation process between the Sharks, Travis and Ryan sealed an impressive deal with Mark Cuban for $600k in exchange for 15% equity stake in MyoStorm. Since appearing on Shark Tank this innovative company has gone from strength to strength; its products are now available online as well as through major retailers such as Best Buy and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What is the Storm Product on Shark Tank?

The Storm product on Shark Tank is a revolutionary way to can and store food. It uses vacuum-sealing technology to increase the shelf life of food, giving you up to six times longer than traditional methods. Plus, it saves energy and money – no more wasted trips back to the grocery store for spoiled items!

The system comes with three components: a reusable container, an adjustable compressor base, and a handheld sealer. You simply fill the container with whatever you want preserved – fruits, vegetables, meats or anything else – then attach the compressor base and use the handheld sealer to create an airtight environment that locks in freshness while keeping out moisture, oxygen and other contaminants. This method also helps preserve taste and nutrients as well as preventing freezer burn.

With Storm’s simple setup process and easy-to-use design, you can rest assured knowing your food will stay fresher for longer periods of time without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.


This blog post has provided an in-depth analysis of Myostorm’s net worth. It is clear that the company has a strong financial standing due to its successful business model and strategic investments. While many factors influence Myostorm’s wealth, it appears that they have been able to capitalize on their success and grow their portfolio over time.

This ensures that the company will remain a key player in the fitness industry for years to come.