Lollacup Net Worth

Lollacup is a company that produces products like sippy cups, straw cups, and water bottles. Founded by two moms in 2012, Lollacup has become one of the most popular brands for kids’ drinking products. According to Forbes magazine, Lollacup’s net worth as of 2019 was estimated at $28 million.

The company has grown significantly since its founding due to successful marketing strategies and innovative product designs. All of their products are made from BPA-free materials and come in fun colors and prints. Their cups have been featured in many major publications including the Wall Street Journal and Good Housekeeping Magazine.

In addition to selling their own products, they also provide private label services to other companies looking for custom designed drinkware solutions. With an impressive net worth of $28 million dollars, it’s clear that Lollacup is well on its way to becoming a leader in the industry!

Shark Tank Success Update: Games2u

Lollacup has seen a meteoric rise in its net worth over the past few years. The company, which produces spill-proof baby cups that are designed to be easy for toddlers to grip and use, is now valued at over $20 million dollars. With a loyal customer base that continues to grow and an ever-expanding product line of innovative sippy cups, it’s no surprise that Lollacup’s net worth continues to soar!

Lollacup Shark Tank

Lollacup, a sippy cup company founded by two mothers in 2012, made its debut on Shark Tank in 2014. The founders pitched their product to the Sharks and received an investment offer from Lori Greiner of $200,000 for 20% equity. Although they accepted the offer, they later decided not to move forward with it due to conflicting visions.

Instead, Lollacup went on to become one of the most successful products featured on Shark Tank since then – with over half a million cups sold!

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Lollacup Company Sold

The Lollacup Company, founded in 2012, recently announced the sale of their company to a group of investors. The Lollacup is a sippy cup designed for babies who are learning how to drink from a straw. Since its inception, the company has sold over 500,000 units and opened up retail locations across the United States and Canada.

With this sale, the founders hope to bring even more innovation and accessibility to families all around the world.

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How Much Money Has Lollacup Made?

Lollacup is a successful business that has been around since 2012, and in the 8 years since then, it has gone from strength to strength. The company produces innovative sippy cups for children aged 4 months to 4 years old, with unique designs and features that make them easy for kids to use. Since its launch, Lollacup has sold over one million of its products in more than 50 countries across the globe.

This success has meant an impressive return on investment for the company’s founders – according to reports, they have made upwards of $20 million in total sales so far. As well as receiving praise from parents worldwide, Lollacup also won numerous awards including “Best New Product” at Babble magazine’s Best of Baby Awards and “Most Innovative Product Design” at the 2013 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA). With such a strong track record of success behind them, it looks like this figure will only continue to grow – making Lollacup a true success story!

Is Lollacup Still in Business?

Yes, Lollacup is still in business! After gaining much success and recognition with their revolutionary sippy cup design that helped toddlers transition from bottles to drinking cups, they have continued to stay strong in the market. They remain as one of the top go-to companies for parents looking for quality baby products that prioritize safety and innovative designs.

Their flagship product, The Lollacup Sippee Cup has been recognized by many parenting magazines and websites due to its unique spoutless design which helps reduce spills and messes while also providing a comfortable grip for little hands. This award-winning design has been highly praised amongst both parents and children alike who enjoy the convenience it brings while promoting healthy development habits. In addition to their iconic sippy cup, Lollacup produces many other products such as snack containers, insulated water bottles, training bowls & plates, pacifier holders, snack catchers and more – all designed with durability & ease of use in mind.

With so much positive feedback on their current selection of items as well as ongoing research into new creations – it’s safe to say that Lollacup continues to be a leading name when it comes to developing quality baby gear!

Who Owns Lollacup?

Lollacup is an innovative, award-winning sippy cup company that was founded by two moms in 2012. Based out of Los Angeles, California, the company is owned and operated by Yvonne Chu and Vanessa Young. The idea for Lollacup came about after Chu struggled to find a leakproof cup for her young daughter; she teamed up with Young to create a new kind of sippy cup that would be comfortable, easy-to-use, and stylish.

Their cups are made using BPA-free materials like silicone and polypropylene plastic so they’re safe for your child’s health. With unique features like interchangeable lids and handles as well as brightly colored designs available in various sizes from toddler to adult – there’s something for everyone! They also offer accessories such as straw brushes, travel covers, teethers and pacifier clips so you can get everything you need in one place.

Thanks to their dedication to quality products and customer service excellence – Lollacup has become a trusted brand among parents around the world!

What Happened to Lollacup?

Lollacup was a revolutionary cup designed for babies, toddlers and young children that was introduced in 2011. The product gained popularity among parents due to its unique design which had an ergonomic handle with angled edges and a soft sipper lid that made it easy for young kids to use. In addition, the cup also featured a built-in straw cleaner that could be used to keep the drinking spout clean without having to remove or replace it.

However, despite its innovative features, Lollacup struggled to stay afloat as sales began declining after several years on the market. After much deliberation, their parent company decided to discontinue production and distribution of Lollacup in 2016 citing lack of demand from customers as one of the major reasons behind the decision. Although this left many parents disappointed who had come to rely on this handy cup for their little ones over time, there are still several places online where people can buy second-hand Lollacups at discounted prices should they choose so.


Lollacup has experienced tremendous success since its launch in 2012. It has become a household name and is well known for its innovative design, durable materials, and stylish appearance. The company’s net worth continues to rise as more parents opt for safe and convenient alternatives for their children’s drinkware.

With the increasing demand for Lollacup products, there is no doubt that this brand will continue to be popular among families for many years to come.