Levi Roots Net Worth

Levi Roots is an English reggae musician, television personality and entrepreneur with a net worth of $15 million. He rose to fame in 2007 when he appeared on the BBC TV show Dragon’s Den with his range of Reggae Reggae Sauce. Since then, Levi has gone on to release several cookbooks and launch other food products such as jerk chicken spice mix, BBQ sauce and Caribbean-style sauces.

He also owns a number of restaurants throughout England, including one at Gatwick Airport. In addition to this, he has released five studio albums over the years which have all seen success in the UK music charts. With these many business endeavors under his belt, it’s no wonder that Levi Roots’ total net worth stands at a respectable $15 million today!

‘Wonderful relationship’ | Levi Roots on 16-year business venture with Peter Jones

Levi Roots is a successful entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of around $30 million. After appearing on Dragons’ Den in 2007, he started his own line of Caribbean-inspired sauces and food products. His success has led to him becoming the face of several television adverts, as well as writing three cookbooks and opening a number of restaurants across the UK.

And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also released music albums and starred in TV shows such as Celebrity MasterChef!

How Much Did Peter Jones Make from Levi Roots

Peter Jones, a British entrepreneur and investor, made £50 million from his investment in Levi Roots. The deal was completed in 2008 when he sold the majority of his stake to Lion Capital for a reported £60 million. This gave him an estimated profit of around £50 million after taking into account his original investment amount.

Levi Roots House

Levi Roots House is a unique and stylish self-catering accommodation in the heart of London. Located in Camden, it’s just minutes away from many of London’s top attractions including Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and King’s Cross Station. It offers a modern design with plenty of space for up to 8 people making it perfect for family holidays or group getaways.

It comes fully equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay including free Wi-Fi, full kitchen facilities and TVs in each room.

Peter Jones Levi Roots

Peter Jones and Levi Roots are two world renowned entrepreneurs from the UK. Peter, a former Dragons’ Den investor and judge, is an experienced businessman who has been involved in many ventures including his own mobile phone retail company. Meanwhile, Levi Roots is most well known for his Caribbean-inspired food products which he launched after appearing on BBC’s Dragon’s Den back in 2007.

Both men have achieved success due to their hard work and dedication, inspiring many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

Levi Roots Recipes

Levi Roots is a British entrepreneur and celebrity chef who has created a range of Caribbean-inspired sauces, marinades and other products. He is best known for his signature Reggae Reggae Sauce, which he famously pitched on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den television series in 2007. His recipes are designed to bring the flavors of the Caribbean into your kitchen with easy-to-follow instructions that turn ordinary meals into something special.

From jerk chicken and curried goat to fruit salads and rice dishes, Levi Roots’ recipes offer an exciting way to explore flavorful new cuisines without having to travel far from home.

Levi Roots Sauce

Levi Roots Sauce is a delicious and unique Caribbean-style BBQ sauce that was created by the famous British musician and entrepreneur, Levi Roots. The sauce features an exotic blend of spices such as allspice, ginger and thyme that creates a sweet yet spicy flavor perfect for your favorite dishes. Whether you’re looking to jazz up some grilled chicken or add some tropical flair to your next barbecue, Levi Roots Sauce is sure to make any meal special.

How Much is Levi Roots Business Worth Now?

Levi Roots’ business is now worth an estimated £60 million and continues to grow. The Reggae Reggae Sauce empire began in 2006 when Levi appeared on the UK TV show Dragon’s Den with his recipe for a Caribbean-style hot sauce, which he created as part of his passion project to bring Jamaican flavours into British households. His appearance on the show gained him not only fame but also a £50,000 investment from Peter Jones that kick-started the company’s success.

Since then, he has gone on to create multiple sauces such as jerk seasoning, BBQ sauce and marinades, all under the Reggae Reggae brand name. He has even developed other products such as clothing and cookbooks which have helped contribute towards making his business so successful. Furthermore, Levi Roots has been able to expand into supermarkets across Europe including Sainsbury’s in England and France’s Carrefour stores where sales are soaring due to demand for this unique product range.

With rising sales figures year after year it seems there is no stopping Levi Roots’ fast growing business empire!

How Much is Reggae Reggae Sauce Company Worth?

Reggae Reggae Sauce is a British multi-million pound enterprise founded by Levi Roots in 2007. The company has come to be known for its popular Caribbean-inspired sauces and other food products, which are sold throughout the UK and beyond. But how much is this brand worth?

According to estimates from trusted sources, Reggae Reggae Sauce’s net worth stands at an impressive £15 million as of 2020. This figure includes all the profits generated from sales of their various sauces, along with any investments made into the company over time. In addition, they have also earned considerable sums through endorsement deals with celebrities like Jamie Oliver and BBC’s Dragon’s Den stars Peter Jones & Theo Paphitis.

It goes without saying that Levi Roots’ business savvy has paid off handsomely; his success serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere who dream of achieving similar levels of financial success!

Who Owns Levi Roots?

Levi Roots is owned by the company Reggae Reggae Ltd., which was founded in 2006 by Levi Roots. The business started off with a range of Caribbean sauces and condiments, which were sold both online and from supermarkets across the UK. In 2008, Levi Roots famously appeared on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den where he pitched his sauce to investors Peter Jones, Richard Farleigh and Theo Paphitis who subsequently invested £50,000 for a 20% stake in the company.

Since then Reggae Reggae has gone from strength to strength with its range of products now available in major retailers across Europe including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco as well as smaller independent stores around the country. The brand continues to offer consumers an affordable way to get their hands on some proper Caribbean flavours!

How Much Did the Dragons Invest in Levi Roots?

The dragons invested a whopping £50,000 in Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Sauce back in 2007. This was the second largest investment made by the Dragons Den panel that year and has since gone on to be a huge success story. The number of pots sold each week increased from 10,000 to 100,000 after the funding injection and it is now estimated that over 30 million bottles have been sold worldwide.

The brand has also expanded into other sauces as well as soft drinks and snacks with an approximate turnover of £20 million in 2017 alone. Furthermore, Levi Roots himself is now worth an estimated £25 million making him one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever to come out of ‘Dragons Den’.


This blog post has provided us with a remarkable insight into the life and career of Levi Roots, and his incredible success in both business and music. His humble beginnings have led him to become an inspirational figure for many people around the world. Through his hard work and determination, he has managed to amass a significant net worth that is estimated at £25 million.

He continues to strive towards further success while giving back to society by helping others achieve their dreams too. It is safe to say that Levi Roots is an amazing example of how anyone can turn their dreams into reality if they never give up on them!