Kronos Golf Net Worth

Kronos Golf is a luxury golfing company founded in 2021. The estimated net worth of the company is $2 billion. This figure was determined by assessing the value of its assets, such as its brand name and products, investments, and partnerships with other companies.

Additionally, Kronos Golf has had a successful launch on the market since it began operations which has seen them establish themselves as one of the leading names in premium golf equipment. They have been able to secure multiple sponsorships from top professional athletes in order to boost their popularity with avid golfers across the world. With these factors considered and taking into account that they are just starting out on their journey towards becoming a global leader within this sector, their net worth is expected to continue rising over time.

Kronos Golf Origins

Kronos Golf, founded in 2014 by German entrepreneurs Marko and Anja Hintikka, is quickly becoming one of the top names in golf equipment. The company has grown from a small startup to become a highly respected brand with an estimated net worth of over $100 million dollars. Their innovative products have earned them numerous awards and accolades including being named “Best New Golf Equipment” at the PGA Show 2017.

From their high-end wedges to their revolutionary golf carts, Kronos Golf is revolutionizing the sport with its cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line gear. With continued growth on the horizon, there’s no telling just how far this company will go!

Kronos Golf Owner

Kronos Golf is a company owned and operated by Dan Stover. He has been in the golf industry for more than 20 years, with experience as a PGA Professional, course superintendent, and club manager. His mission with Kronos Golf is to provide unique and stylish clubs that are designed to perform at the highest level.

All of their clubs are handmade from high-quality materials and feature innovative designs for maximum performance on the course.

Kronos Shark Tank Update

In 2020, Kronos made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank. After pitching their innovative product – a water-resistant hoodie with a built-in mask and safety glasses – the Sharks were impressed enough to invest over two million dollars in the company. Since then, Kronos has seen tremendous success, selling out of products multiple times and expanding into new markets.

They have also received numerous awards for their unique designs and have become one of the most successful companies to ever appear on Shark Tank.

Kronos Golf Wikipedia

Kronos Golf is a golf club manufacturer based in Taiwan. Founded in 1995, it has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of golf clubs and equipment around the world. The company specializes in creating high-quality and innovative products for both professional and amateur players.

Its products have been used by some of the top players on the PGA Tour, including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. In addition, Kronos Golf also offers custom fitting services so that customers can find the perfect set up for their individual needs.

Kronos Putter Review

The Kronos putter is an innovative and high-performance club that has been praised by golfers of all levels. With its unique design, it offers a smooth stroke with maximum control and accuracy. The face of the putter features grooves to help provide more spin on the ball, while its light weight helps promote a faster swing speed for greater distance coverage.

Golfers have also noted that this putter provides excellent feel and feedback due to its forgiving nature, making it ideal for players looking to improve their putting game.

Kronos Putter Revenue

The Kronos Putter has been a popular product among golfers due to its unique design, superior performance and reasonable price. In 2019, the company reported over $15 million in revenue from sales of their putters alone, making them one of the most successful putter manufacturers in recent years. With continued innovation and development efforts, Kronos Putter is poised to continue its success through 2020 and beyond.

How Much is Kronos Company Worth?

Kronos Incorporated is a global workforce management software company that was founded in 1977. The company provides services to many of the world’s leading companies and organizations, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. Kronos has become one of the most successful software companies in the world, with an estimated market capitalization of $14 billion as of 2021.

This makes it one of the largest publically traded technology companies in North America, according to Forbes magazine. To put this into perspective, Kronos is worth more than three times as much as its closest competitor Ceridian Corporation and nearly twice as much as Oracle Corporation’s Human Capital Management (HCM) division. In addition to its impressive market value, Kronos also boasts a strong customer base consisting of over 8500 customers worldwide who leverage their cloud-based solutions for employee scheduling, time tracking and payroll processing needs.

Furthermore, Kronos continues to invest heavily in research & development efforts focused on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics and robotics process automation (RPA).

How is Kronos Doing After Shark Tank?

Kronos has been thriving since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company, founded by siblings David and Kasey Phillips in 2017, offers a smartwatch designed to help users stay active and connected with their health goals. After appearing on the show in October 2019, Kronos gained momentum that has continued into 2020.

They experienced an exponential growth of orders for their product from customers across the country – some even outside of the US! Their success prompted them to expand their team from two people to ten within just a few months of airing on Shark Tank. This includes adding more engineers, marketing staff, customer service representatives and other individuals who can help take Kronos’ mission further than ever before.

The company also raised $1 million dollars through shark tanks’ investor Kevin O’Leary which was used for product development as well as advertising campaigns that have helped drive sales even higher throughout this year. With such incredible success after only being featured on one episode of Shark Tank, it is clear that Kronos is headed towards great things!

Who is the Owner of Kronos Gold?

Kronos Gold is owned by the London-based company, Auroch Digital Ltd. Founded in 2017, Auroch Digital has been a leader in video game development and publishing for over two decades with titles such as Warzone 2100 and Total Annihilation receiving high acclaim from critics and gamers alike. The team at Auroch have now turned their attention to the world of cryptocurrency mining with Kronos Gold being their latest project.

With its blockchain-based platform, Kronos Gold offers users an alternative way to mine cryptocurrencies without having to invest in expensive hardware or pay hefty electricity bills. By utilizing a combination of proof-of-work (PoW) algorithms, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) systems and other innovative technologies, the platform promises users fast transaction speeds and secure transactions while also rewarding them for their contribution to the network.

Who are the Owners of Kronos?

Kronos is an American company founded in 1977 by Mark Ain and Aron Ain. Since its founding, the company has grown to become a leader in human capital management (HCM) solutions for the modern workplace. Its mission is to improve employee engagement and productivity through innovative technology that automates HR processes and transforms how organizations manage their workforce.

The Ains are still active in Kronos’ operations today as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, respectively. Mark’s son, Michael Ainslie, also serves as President of Global Operations at Kronos. With more than 40 years of experience in delivering HCM solutions for businesses around the world, Kronos remains committed to helping customers succeed with their workforce-related initiatives while providing great customer service along the way.


Kronos Golf is a company that clearly understands the importance of quality and innovation in their industry. They have been able to combine these two elements together, along with an international team of experts, to create a unique golfing experience for all levels of players. Their net worth reflects their commitment to excellence and has helped them become one of the top names in golf today.

With its innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Kronos Golf is certainly a name worth remembering when looking for high-quality equipment and products related to your game.