Kelly Hoppen Net Worth

Kelly Hoppen is an English interior designer and author, with a net worth estimated at £30 million. She started her career in 1988 when she was only 16 years old. Since then, she has become one of the most sought-after designers in London and beyond.

Her client list includes celebrities like Elton John, David Beckham and Sienna Miller as well as corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft and Emirates airlines. In addition to her design work, Kelly also writes books on home decoration and lifestyle topics. She has written eight books so far which have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Her book ‘Design Masterclass’ won the British Book Award for Best Design Book in 2009. Furthermore, she is a regular contributor to many magazines including Architectural Digest India and Harper’s Bazaar UK where she offers tips on interior design matters. All these activities combined have helped Kelly amass her impressive wealth over the years making her one of Britain’s wealthiest women today!

What is Kelly Hoppen's net worth? Celebrity Apprentice star's fortune revealed

Kelly Hoppen is an English interior designer who has earned a net worth of $35 million. She is known for her modern and contemporary designs, which have found their way into celebrity homes around the world, including those of Elton John, David & Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell. Her career began in 1988 when she was just 16 years old, and since then she has achieved success as both a businesswoman and an entrepreneur.

She also wrote several books on design, including “The Art Of Interior Design” and “Interior Design Masterclass”.

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Deborah Meaden has an estimated net worth of £40 million as of 2019. She gained her wealth through long-term investments, property development and business ventures. In addition to her own businesses, she is also a well-known investor on the UK version of Dragons’ Den and regularly appears as a guest speaker at various events across the country.

Kelly Hoppen House

Kelly Hoppen House is a stunning interior design firm based in London, England. The company was founded by award-winning designer Kelly Hoppen MBE and specializes in creating luxurious interiors that are both timeless and contemporary. With an impressive portfolio of high-end projects from around the world, including private residences, grand estates, five star hotels, royal palaces and commercial spaces such as offices and retail outlets, Kelly Hoppen House has become one of the most sought after firms for luxury interior design.

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Peter Jones is a British entrepreneur and television personality who has an estimated net worth of over £500 million. He is best known for his appearances on the BBC Two show Dragons’ Den, where he has been one of the longest-serving dragons since its inception in 2005. In addition to his career as a TV star, Peter Jones also runs several successful businesses across Europe and North America including mobile phone retailer Phones International Group (PIG).

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Kelly Hoppen Daughter

Kelly Hoppen is an English interior designer, author, and entrepreneur best known for her sleek and sophisticated interiors. She has one daughter, Natasha Corrett-Hoppen, who followed in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a successful interior designer and food writer. The mother-daughter duo has collaborated on several projects together since Natasha began her career in 2009.

What is Kelly Hoppens Net Worth?

Kelly Hoppen MBE is one of the most successful interior designers in the world, with an estimated net worth of over $50 million. She has been a key figure in the British design industry for decades and has become known for her signature “East meets West” style which combines traditional Asian influences with modern European designs. Her impressive portfolio includes designing luxury homes for celebrities like Elton John and David Beckham, as well as large-scale commercial projects such as Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse at London Heathrow Airport.

With a career spanning over 40 years, Kelly Hoppen has earned a reputation as one of the top designers in her field, commanding high fees from clients who value her unique blend of creativity and attention to detail. In addition to her work within the design industry, she also runs several businesses including an online home décor store and even offers private consultations on interior design projects. It’s no wonder that Kelly Hoppen is considered one of Britain’s wealthiest businesswomen – with all this success under her belt it’s no surprise that she enjoys such an impressive net worth!

How Did Kelly Hoppen Make Money?

Kelly Hoppen is a renowned British interior designer and businesswoman who has been in the industry for over 30 years. She began her career as an interior designer at just 16, creating bespoke designs for clients across Europe. Over time, she developed a unique style that eventually became known as the “Hoppen Look” – a combination of eastern-inspired minimalism and modern luxury.

This look was extremely popular with celebrities, which gave Kelly even more attention and notoriety. Her success resulted in many opportunities to expand her reach into other areas such as product design, television shows, books and even public speaking engagements. As her work gained more exposure around the world, so did demand for it; this allowed Kelly to make money through consulting fees from high-end companies seeking her expertise on various projects as well as royalties from products licensed under her name or featuring her designs.

Today, Kelly Hoppen remains one of the most sought-after designers in the world thanks to decades of hard work and dedication to perfecting her craft – something which has paid off handsomely!

Has Kelly Hoppen Ever Invested?

Kelly Hoppen, the renowned interior designer and entrepreneur, has been involved in investing for many years. She began her career by investing in a variety of different projects from real estate to start-up companies. In 2006, she invested $1 million into an online retail business called The Great Little Trading Company which went onto become hugely successful.

Following this success, Kelly was recognised as one of the UK’s top 10 investors by The Sunday Times Rich List. Over the years since then she has continued to invest in various businesses such as app development company Fetch and mobile commerce company GoCardless. Most recently Kelly launched her own venture capital fund – KBH Ventures – which is focused on early stage technology startups across Europe with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

This investment vehicle provides capital to help entrepreneurs build their products or services and scale them up quickly so they can realise their potential faster than ever before. With over two decades of experience in business investments under her belt it is clear that Kelly Hoppen has made some smart decisions when it comes to investing both her money and time into promising ventures!

Who is Kelly Hoppen’S Partner?

Kelly Hoppen is a British interior designer, author and entrepreneur who is best known for her distinct style of “East meets West” interiors. She has been featured in numerous publications and television shows, such as the BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge. Her partner is former professional footballer, Danny Webber.

The couple have been together since 2015 and they share two daughters; Kaya, born in 2007 and Skye, born in 2009. Kelly Hoppen also runs a successful eponymous design company based out of London that specializes in home décor products ranging from furniture to fabrics to accessories. In addition to being an accomplished businesswoman and philanthropist – she launched the Kelly Hoppen Foundation which helps vulnerable women become financially independent through education – she continues to be an inspiration for modern-day designers around the world with her signature blend of traditional luxury combined with contemporary elegance.


In conclusion, Kelly Hoppen has been able to achieve great success through her passion for interior design. She has built an impressive net worth of over $100 million thanks to her hard work and determination. As one of the most influential interior designers in the world, Kelly Hoppen continues to inspire others with her creative and unique designs.

Her dedication to her craft is admirable and she serves as a role model for aspiring designers everywhere.