Illumibowl Net Worth

Illumibowl is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes innovative bathroom products. Founded in 2014 by two college students, Illumibowl has become an international success story with their flagship product the Illumibowl — a motion-activated toilet nightlight. The company’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2021.

This incredible value comes from the continued growth of their brand awareness and sales due to unique marketing strategies and consumer demand for their products. They have also been featured on Shark Tank, furthering their reach into homes across America. From selling just 1,000 units in 2014 to over one million units sold today, it’s clear that Illumibowl has created something special and continues to thrive despite competitive markets.


Illumibowl is an innovative toilet lighting system that has become a major success story in the world of smart home technology. With its patented design and intuitive functionality, Illumibowl has managed to build up a net worth of over $1 million dollars since it was launched in 2013. The company’s products are now available at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot and more across the United States.

With their unique approach to providing bathroom convenience and safety for people all around the world, Illumibowl continues to be one of the most successful companies in this industry today!

Illumibowl Revenue

Illumibowl has seen tremendous growth since its launch in 2014. In 2018, the company reported revenue of $1.4 million and sold over 200,000 units in more than 20 countries across the globe. The success of Illumibowl is due to its innovative design that attaches a motion-activated toilet light to any toilet bowl, making it easier for people to use the bathroom at night without having turn on overhead lights or fumble around with a flashlight.

Is Illumibowl Still in Business

Yes, Illumibowl is still in business! Launched in 2014, the company continues to provide their motion-activated toilet night light product that helps you find your way to the bathroom at night without turning on a blinding overhead light. With a wide variety of colors and patterns available, Illumibowl continues to be an innovative solution for anyone looking for a convenient and affordable way to make late-night trips to the restroom easier.

Innovation Pet Net Worth

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From innovative toys and treats to stylish accessories and grooming supplies, Innovation Pet continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the pet industry.

Illumibowl Shark Tank

Illumibowl made a big splash on Shark Tank when they presented their innovative toilet bowl nightlight. The product is an LED light shaped like a glowing fish that fits around the inner rim of any toilet and provides enough illumination for midnight trips to the bathroom. After hearing about its practicality, affordability, and fun design, all five sharks joined forces to invest in Illumibowl for a combined total of $200,000!

Innovation Pets Shark Tank

Innovation Pets Shark Tank is a popular TV show that features entrepreneurs pitching their pet-related products to a panel of investors, or “sharks”. The show has featured dozens of innovative pet products and services over the years, ranging from chew toys and treats to high-tech tracking systems. Innovation Pets Shark Tank provides an exciting way for aspiring pet product entrepreneurs to get their business ideas off the ground – with the help of well-known investors like Mark Cuban, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary.

What Happened to Illumibowl After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, IllumiBowl had a huge surge in demand for their innovative nightlight. The product was a hit with both consumers and investors alike, with many people eager to purchase the device. After the show aired, orders for IllumiBowl surged to unprecedented levels and the company experienced an incredible amount of growth.

They were able to quickly expand their operations and hire more staff members in order to keep up with demand. IllumiBowl also took advantage of their newfound fame by entering into retail partnerships with Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond, making it easier than ever before for customers to buy their products. Although they did not receive investment from any of the Sharks during their appearance on Shark Tank, they have continued to grow since then thanks largely in part due to increased visibility through television exposure as well as word-of-mouth marketing efforts that resulted from being featured on such a popular show like Shark Tank.

How Much Money Has Illumibowl Made?

IllumiBowl is a revolutionary product that has been quickly embraced by consumers around the world. Since its initial launch in 2014, IllumiBowl has seen tremendous success and growth, with sales reaching over $2 million in 2017 alone. This number continues to grow each year as more people become aware of and purchase this innovative night light for their restrooms.

In addition to generating impressive sales numbers, IllumiBowl also boasts an impressive amount of positive reviews and customer feedback from users who are delighted by the convenience, functionality and design of this unique product. With such strong demand for IllumiBowl products, it’s no surprise that the company has continued to experience steady revenue growth since its inception – making it one of the most successful products on the market today.

Who Owns Illumibowl?

IllumiBowl was founded in 2014 by two brothers and best friends, Mike and Greg Dacyshyn. After having a hard time finding the perfect nightlight for their own bathrooms, they decided to take matters into their own hands, creating IllumiBowl. This innovative product is designed to fit any toilet bowl and provide a soft light that illuminates the bathroom at night.

As it turns on automatically when you walk in, this convenient solution makes midnight trips much easier while also doubling as an eye-catching accessory during the day. The company continues to be run by these two brothers who are passionate about providing practical solutions for everyday problems. With products now selling worldwide, IllumiBowl has become the leading brand of toilet lights!

How Much is Illumibowl?

IllumiBowl is a unique and innovative product that offers an amazing and convenient way to light up your toilet. Unlike regular night lights, the IllumiBowl works automatically, using motion-activated LED technology to provide a soft glow in your bathroom whenever you enter. The lighting helps guide users towards the bowl in the dark without turning on bright overhead lights or blinding yourself with a phone flashlight.

It is also affordable – retailing at just $19.99 – making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for extra convenience and safety when visiting the restroom during late hours of the night. As an added bonus, its battery life can last up to 6 months with normal use, so you won’t have to worry about constantly changing out batteries or remembering to turn off switches before bedtime. With such great features and pricing, there’s no doubt that IllumiBowl is one of the best choices out there for anyone looking for some extra illumination in their toilets!


Overall, Illumibowl is an innovative product with a positive net worth. It has created a niche market that has gained popularity and continues to grow in the world of toilet accessories. Despite its relatively low price point, it has achieved success due to its convenience and ease-of-use for consumers.

Its ability to improve bathroom hygiene and make life easier for customers makes it a desirable purchase that will continue to pay off in the future.