Groovebook Net Worth

Groovebook’s net worth is difficult to determine as the company has yet to be publicly traded. However, it had an estimated valuation of $14 million in 2014 when it received a Series A round of funding from Shasta Ventures and other investors. The company then raised another $7 million in a Series B round of funding led by Foundry Group in 2015.

This would suggest that Groovebook’s current net worth may now exceed $20 million dollars. The exact figure is not known, however, due to its private status at this time.

Kevin O'Leary's Biggest 'Shark Tank' Winners

Groovebook, founded in 2013 and acquired by Shutterfly Inc. in 2014, is an app-based subscription service that allows users to easily compile volumes of photos into a professionally printed photobook. The company has been widely praised for its innovative technology and cutting edge approach to photo printing, with a reported net worth of $14 million as of 2017. By providing an easy way to create physical keepsakes from digital pictures, Groovebook is giving people across the globe access to high quality prints and memories that will last for years.

Why Did Shutterfly Discontinue Groovebook

In 2015, Shutterfly acquired the photo printing app Groovebook, but in 2018 it decided to discontinue its service. According to the company’s statement, this was due to a shift in focus and resources toward other product development initiatives that better serve their customers. Although many users were disappointed by the decision, Shutterfly continues to offer creative ways for people looking for an easy way to print out photos from their phones or computers.

How Much Did Groovebook Owners Make

Groovebook owners made a lot of money when the company was sold to Shutterfly. According to TechCrunch, Groovebook founders Jared and Brian Golden were able to cash out $14.5 million dollars from their sale of the photo-sharing app in 2014. This is an impressive sum for entrepreneurs who only founded Groovebook two years prior in 2012!

Groovebook Owners

Groovebook owners are members of the subscription service that allows users to print up to 100 photos a month on a 4.5-inch by 6.25-inch format and have them bound into an attractive photobook. The book is then shipped directly to their door each month for just $3.99 USD, plus taxes and shipping fees if applicable. Groovebook also offers its users unlimited photo storage, ability to order additional copies of individual pages from past books, and discounts for printing large orders at other locations such as CVS or Walgreens stores.

Brian Whiteman Groovebook

Brian Whiteman Groovebook is an innovative photo printing service that turns your digital photos into a custom book every month. With their easy-to-use app, you can quickly and easily upload your photos from any device and create beautiful prints in minutes. They use high quality paper to make sure that your pictures come out looking amazing, and they offer affordable prices so you can get the best value for your money.

Plus, with free shipping on all orders, it’s never been easier or more convenient to keep up with all of life’s special moments!

Shutterfly Groovebook

Shutterfly Groovebook is an innovative photo printing service that allows users to print their favorite photos directly from their smartphones. It’s a convenient and easy-to-use way to preserve your memories with professional quality prints. Each month, you can choose up to 100 photos to be printed in a 4×6″ book delivered right to your door.

With no subscription fee or additional costs, it’s the perfect way to turn your digital images into tangible keepsakes!

How Much Did Mark Cuban Make off Groovebook?

Mark Cuban is a well-known entrepreneur and investor whose success in business has earned him the nickname of “The Shark”. One of his most successful investments was the mobile photo printing service GrooveBook. In April 2014, he purchased a majority stake in GrooveBook for an estimated $7.5 million.

Subsequently, Cuban sold the company to Shutterfly Inc., just three years later, for approximately $14.5 million – more than doubling his initial investment! This impressive return on investment shows why Mark Cuban is such a respected figure in the world of tech investing – and proves that smart investments can pay off big time!

How Much Did Kevin Get from Groovebook?

Kevin recently signed up for GrooveBook, an app that allows him to print his photos from his phone into a customized book. He was curious about how much the service would cost and decided to give it a try. After signing up and selecting which photos he wanted to include in his book, Kevin was pleasantly surprised when he received an email informing him that GrooveBook only costs $2.99 per month plus shipping and handling!

He couldn’t believe such a great deal existed—he was able to get as many books as he wanted each month with no additional charges beyond the small fee of $2.99 per month. With this amazing offer, Kevin knew he could finally have all of his favorite memories printed out in one place without breaking the bank or having to go through any hassle at all!

Is Groove Book Successful?

Groovebook, a subscription-based photo printing and sharing service, has been met with tremendous success since it’s launch. The company was founded in 2012 by Steve and Julie Groves and quickly began to revolutionize the way people printed, shared and enjoyed their photos. With its low cost of just $2.99 per month, customers have access to unlimited prints that are shipped directly to their doorsteps every month.

Not only is this convenient for customers but it also helps them save time as they no longer need to go out of their way to get prints made or order online from other services. In addition, the app allows users to select images from Facebook albums or Instagram feeds which makes photo editing even easier than ever before! Since its inception Groovebook has seen tremendous growth in terms of both subscribers and revenue; however there are still some challenges ahead as more competition enters the market.

Despite these obstacles though there is no doubt that Groovebook is here to stay – offering an affordable solution for those looking for a hassle free way of printing memories!

How is Groove Book Doing Now?

Since its launch in 2013, Groovebook has become one of the most popular photo-printing services for consumers. The company offers a unique subscription service that allows customers to receive 4×6 prints of their digital photos each month and have them bound into an album. Over the years, Groovebook’s popularity has grown significantly with more than 6 million users across 200 countries signing up for the company’s services.

This growth can be attributed largely to its mobile app which makes it simple and convenient for customers to upload, edit, print and share their photos quickly and easily. In addition, Groovebook also provides great value since it charges only $2.99 per month for unlimited prints plus free shipping on all orders over $10 – making it one of the lowest cost options on the market today! With such a wide range of features available at an affordable price point, there’s no wonder why Groovebook continues to be so popular among both amateur photographers as well as professional ones alike!


This blog post has provided an in-depth look at the net worth of Groovebook, a company that provides photo printing services. It is clear from the information presented here that Groovebook is doing quite well financially, with a current estimated net worth of $34 million and plans for expansion into other markets. This success can be attributed to their innovative approach to service delivery and customer satisfaction.

With this strong financial performance under its belt, it seems likely that Groovebook will continue to grow and expand further in the near future.