Chord Buddy Net Worth

Chord Buddy is a music education program and guitar learning device created by Travis Perry. As of 2021, Chord Buddy’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million dollars. It has sold over one million units since 2009 in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The company also produces other products such as an online lesson library, DVDs, apps for various devices, and songbooks. In addition to its products, the company offers lessons from experienced musicians who are members of their teaching staff through virtual stores located throughout the United States and Canada. Chord Buddy also sponsors events like Global Play-a-Thon which raises money for charity organizations each year.

"Chord Buddy" Creator Reflects on "Shark Tank"

Chord Buddy is a company dedicated to helping aspiring musical artists learn how to play the guitar. Founded by musician and inventor Travis Perry, Chord Buddy has found success in providing an easy-to-follow system that breaks down chords into simple, color-coded shapes. With over 3 million products sold worldwide, it’s estimated that Chord Buddy has a net worth of around $50 million.

Is Chordbuddy Still in Business?

Yes, ChordBuddy is still in business. Founded back in 2007 by Travis Perry and his wife Candace, the company has grown to be an internationally renowned brand that has sold over 500,000 products worldwide. The idea behind ChordBuddy was created out of necessity; after suffering a hand injury while playing guitar and not being able to form chords anymore, Travis wanted to find an easier way for people with disabilities or those who experience pain when forming chords traditionally on the instrument without having to give up their musical aspirations.

The result was the birth of ChordBuddy – a device that attaches onto any guitar’s neck and provides a user-friendly method for learning how to play chords quickly and easily. With this accessible approach at its core, the company continues its mission of helping everyone learn how to enjoy music through guitars today!

How Much Did Chordbuddy Make?

ChordBuddy is a revolutionary musical learning device designed to make it easier for aspiring musicians to learn how to play the guitar. The product was invented by Travis Perry in 2007 and has since become one of the most popular guitar-learning products on the market, helping thousands of people around the world develop their skills as guitar players. According to reports, ChordBuddy was able to generate over $20 million in sales between its first year (2007) and 2019.

In addition, numerous celebrity endorsements have helped propel ChordBuddy’s success even further; some notable endorsers include country music stars Alan Jackson and Blake Shelton, who both used ChordBuddy while they were beginning their careers as professional musicians. With such an impressive track record of success, there’s no question that Travis Perry’s invention has been incredibly successful financially!

Who Owns Chordbuddy?

ChordBuddy is a unique patented device that was developed by musician and entrepreneur, Travis Perry. The ChordBuddy allows individuals with little to no musical experience to learn how to play the guitar in an easy and efficient way. It was designed for those who are intimidated by traditional methods of learning as it eliminates difficult finger movements that can seem impossible for beginners.

The device fits onto most standard guitars and uses colored tabs to walk users through three stages of chord progression so they can eventually begin playing songs without any assistance from the device or outside instruction. Since its inception in 2007, more than 500,000 ChordBuddies have been sold making it one of the most popular guitar-learning tools on the market today!

Did Chordbuddy Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, ChordBuddy got a deal on Shark Tank! On the Season 4 premiere of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Travis Perry and his invention ChordBuddy were presented to the Sharks. After an impressive demonstration of how quickly anyone could learn guitar chords with this product, all four sharks — Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary — offered investments in exchange for equity in the company.

Travis ended up accepting an offer from Robert Herjavec who said he was willing to invest $175K for 40% stake in ChordBuddy. This was a huge success for Travis as it enabled him to expand production capabilities so that more people around the world would have access to learning guitar chords through this device. Since then, ChordBuddy has gone on to sell millions of units worldwide and become one of the most popular products ever featured on Shark Tank.

It is now available at major retailers such as Sam Ash Music Stores and Guitar Center stores across North America.


This blog post on Chord Buddy Net Worth has demonstrated that the product is very successful, and its founder Travis Perry has gone from a small start-up idea to a multi-million dollar empire. The success of this product demonstrates how an innovative idea combined with hard work can lead to great success in any industry. With each sale of the guitar learning kit, it is clear that Perry’s vision was achieved and he will continue to have financial success for years to come.