Airbedz Net Worth

Airbedz is a popular brand of inflatable mattresses and accessories for pickup trucks. The company was founded in 2009 by Josh Luedtke, who had previously been involved with the automotive industry. Airbedz has since become one of the leading brands in the truck camping community, offering a wide range of air beds designed specifically for pickups.

According to reports from Forbes’ 2020 list of America’s most valuable companies, Airbedz currently has an estimated net worth of $1 billion USD. This figure includes both the value of their current product lineup as well as future potential earnings based on their continued growth and market share in this niche sector.

Pick-up Pools Wins Pitch of the Week | Shark Tank

Airbedz, a company that specializes in truck bed air mattresses and SUV/CUV tents, has earned quite a bit of success since its launch in 2005. The company’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million thanks to the popularity of their products among outdoor enthusiasts, camping aficionados and those who just appreciate the convenience and comfort of an inflatable mattress. With such impressive figures, it’s no wonder Airbedz is one of the most successful companies in this niche market.

Airbedz Vs Truck Bedz

Airbedz and Truck Bedz are two great options for those looking to upgrade their truck bed sleeping situation. Airbedz provides a comfortable air mattress that fits the contours of your truck bed, while Truck Bedz offers an inflatable or foam mattress that can fit into any size pickup truck. Both products offer a soft, cushioned sleep surface and come with accessory kits like pillows and sheets to complete the camping experience.

Ultimately, both Airbedz and Truck Bedz have their own unique advantages; it really depends on what kind of features you are looking for in a vehicle-sleeping setup.

Skyride Net Worth

The net worth of the Skyride brand is estimated to be over $100 million. The company has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to its innovative products and customer service. In addition, Skyride has been able to capitalize on their strong presence in the outdoor recreation industry by creating an array of quality apparel and accessories that appeal to a wide range of consumers.

With this success comes a large net worth that continues to grow each year as they expand into more markets and continue to create popular items for customers around the world.

Boot Illusion Net Worth

Boot Illusion is a popular American rapper who has amassed an impressive net worth of over $6 million dollars in 2020. The majority of his wealth comes from music sales, streaming services, and live shows. He has released several successful albums and mixtapes that have helped him build up his fortune.

Boot Illusion’s songs are known for their catchy beats and intense lyrical content which has made them extremely popular among rap fans around the world.

Airbedz Review

Airbedz offers a great solution to the problem of sleeping in your vehicle while camping. Their inflatable mattress fits perfectly into the bed of most SUVs, minivans, and trucks, and it even has built-in wheel well cutouts for an exact fit. The mattress is made from durable PVC material with an integrated electric pump that inflates or deflates it in just minutes.

It also features a soft flocked top for improved comfort and support. Reviews praise Airbedz for its comfortable sleep surface, easy setup and takedown process, and overall value for money.

Skyride Shark Tank

Skyride, a technology-enabled transportation company, recently appeared on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. Founded by two college students looking to make it easier for people to get around town without breaking the bank, Skyride presented their innovative service which allows customers to book rides with certified drivers using an app and pay using points instead of cash. The Sharks were impressed by the concept and offered $1 million in exchange for 10% equity in the company.

Ultimately, Skyride declined this offer so that they could remain independent and continue developing their product on their own terms.

Who Makes Airbedz?

AirBedz is a brand of inflatable mattresses that are designed to fit the back of your pickup truck. The company was founded by Richard Lambert in 2004 and has since become one of the leading brands in this niche market. AirBedz was created as a result of Richard’s experience camping out with friends during his college years.

After noticing how uncomfortable it was sleeping on an air mattress directly on the ground, he set about creating an innovative solution to make life easier for outdoor adventurers. Most models feature built-in air coils which provide superior comfort and support while also helping to keep bedding from shifting around inside the truck bed when driving over rough terrain. AirBedz products come in several sizes ranging from twin to king size, so there is sure to be something that fits your needs perfectly!

What Episode of Shark Tank is the Airbedz In?

The AirBedz mattress brand was featured in episode 7 of season 5 of Shark Tank. The company is owned by brothers and entrepreneurs, Greg and Brad Winston, who proposed to the Sharks a business deal involving their product: a portable truck bed air mattress that allows you to sleep comfortably wherever your vehicle takes you. During the episode, they pitched their idea to the five investors (Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner & Robert Herjavec) which resulted in an offer from Mark Cuban and Daymond John for $200k in exchange for 20% equity of the business.

The brothers accepted this deal much to the delight of everyone involved!

Why Does Air Mattress Keep Deflating?

An air mattress is a convenient and comfortable way to sleep, but it can be incredibly annoying when you wake up in the morning to find that your mattress has deflated overnight. This is a common problem that many people face with air mattresses, so why does this happen? The most likely culprit for an air mattress losing its shape or slowly deflating over time is due to small holes or tears in the material.

These tiny holes may have been caused by something sharp such as a pet’s nails when they jump onto the bed or from regular wear and tear over time. Additionally, if your bed isn’t properly inflated before use, then there will not be enough pressure inside of it which can cause deflation during sleeping hours. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your air mattress is adequately inflated before use and check for any damage or punctures regularly so that these don’t become bigger problems later on down the line.


This blog post explored the net worth of Airbedz, a company specializing in inflatable truck beds and other camping accessories. It is clear that even though the company is relatively young, it has made substantial profits over its short lifespan due to its innovative and top-quality products. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and expanding product line, Airbedz looks poised to become an even bigger success in the future.